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Sister by Legend

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Legend’s debut album “Fearless” came out on CD on December 11th on Artoffact Records. Known for their eclectic and dark sound, Legend is not only a musical collaboration between two artists, but an emotional and visual synthesis as well.

Their new record is compelling and resonates with a guttural sound that makes it a true beast. It’s the sound you hear when you tread on a dark tunnel and you are constantly looking for an exit.

Vocal work from Krummi Björgvinsson is powerful and done with intent while the beat is masterfully crafted; protectively surrounding the voice. Listen to Runaway and Virgin, two tracks that embody their sound perfectly.

Their latest video release is equally intense. Sister, was created by Kitty Von-Sometime, who  (judging from her cool name) definitely has a penchant for creating powerfully strong and sometimes disturbing visuals that help channel the desperation present in the cut. There’s only one thing I can tell you, DO NOT watch this if you easily get queasy.

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