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Snuttock incorporates the recurrent theme of antique doll heads with black holes for eyes in their imagery.There is an antique and gothic feel to it. In this particular photo found on their website, the man in the chair is seated alongside two disembodied heads, one without hair, like himself, from a mannequin, and the other, probably also from a mannequin, but with hair however is all white, no color. Two disembodied hands lingering around the keyboard. The most striking thing is the appearance of the man to be like the dolls, no life, dark, lifeless eyes, his head cocked to the side in a lull, his generic white shirt, white wrapped arms and black pants. He seems to be a fixture, much like they are. His face displays a pleasant look, yet shallow and poised. He looks empty. It is a sad, yet telling picture. There is an overt generic tonal quality, but go past the surface and it gets much deeper. Two faces, two people, two personas. Who are we really? It’s a study of identity.

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