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Stephen King Reads Shining Sequel, Stephen King Country Gets Casino

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Stephen King stories often take place in Western Maine, albeit in fictional towns like Salem’s Lot and Castle Rock. This past week, the Maine Gambling Control Board approved the first Maine casino and it is going to be in this area. Before last week, it actually wasn’t legal to even sell poker chips in Maine. Hollywood Casino Bangor was previously known as Hollywood Slots, but now it will be able to have the whole Vegas assortment of games.

Stephen King confirmed this winter that he is working on a sequel to The Shining, featuring the gifted little boy Danny Torrance, all grown up and a hospice-working gambler. The book is titled Dr. Sleep and will include vampires. Previous King tales have featured gambling characters, but, with Maine’s new casino and online play, the gaming landscape has changed a lot since Cressner bet Norris he couldn’t make it around “The Ledge” in Atlantic City during the 1980’s. No word on whether Danny Torrance will gamble at Hollywood Casino Bangor or online.

Science fiction imagined a lot of things for how the cyber world would impact society, but it seems like nobody realized how big it would be for gaming. For example, insomniacs are probably familiar with the World Poker Tour, owned by Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment the largest publicly traded online gaming company, which is best known for its number one super popular online poker site Party Poker. Carlos Mortensen holds the record for biggest win in the WPT championship at $3,970,415, but does hundreds of millions of dollars a year in business, with a billion pound market cap on the London Stock Exchange, and millions and millions of dollars paid out to players, who can also win a spot on the World Poker Tour and qualify for prizes like Harleys and Lamborghinis. Shannon Elizabeth, of Scary Movie fame, was one of the stars of Deal, a feature film set at a fictional World Poker Tour final event. Stephen King reads a sample from his forthcoming Dr. Sleep approximately half-way through the video below.

Stephen King on GMU-TV

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