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Steve Burt

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Steve Burt is one busy guy.

In addition to administering Burt Creations, doing bookstore, library and other public readings, teaching on school visits in the Northeast and beyond, and making guest appearances with the print, radio, and TV media, the minister/author manages to find time to pastor First Congregational Church in Lyme, Connecticut (where his parishioners fondly call him “The Sinister Minister”).

Steven E. Burt is a dynamic presence, with a genuine and heartfelt appreciation for people, something that is unmistakably reflected in the many inspirational stories that have enjoyed a grassroots following for years before gaining national and international acclaim in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. He has also inspired thousands and thousands of kids to read and write because of his world-famous Stories to Chill the Heart series of weird tales for young readers and adults.

You can find all articles and fiction relating to Steve Burt at tag Steve Burt.

web site: Burt Creations
Twitter: @wrytuh
Facebook: Freek Camp
books on Amazon: Steve Burt

steve burt

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