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Steve Calvert

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steve calvertSteve Calvert has been a horror fan all of his life and as a child he loved reading ghost stories and watched more than his fair share of Frankenstein films from behind the sofa.

Nothing has changed much over the years, except that Steve Calvert now watches the films from the right side of the sofa, and that he writes a little as well. In the past he has written all sorts of things including poetry and magazine articles. The thing that he likes to write most of all, though, is horror and so that is what he tries to concentrate on.

In 2006 he managed to get accepted as an affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association , using his story Stalker as qualifying material. Stalker was published in a UK Women’s magazine called Best (2005). Some of his more recent work can be found in Hub, The Rose & Thorn Literary ezine, and Necrotic Tissue.

Steve Calvert says he can be summed up as follows: an ugly dude who likes horror.

You can find all articles and fiction relating to Steve Calvert at tag Steve Calvert.

web site: A Passion For Horror

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