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Alice en Bataille

heavy red alice

We like gothic and we like literary, so Heavy Red’s Alice en Bataille couture Halloween costume really hits the spot. The concept is a sort of goth battle-ready Alice in Wonderland. Each year, Heavy Red does a different take on Alice in Wonderland cosplay. Maybe I am over-thinking it, but I do believe the progression […]

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Alice en Splendeur Dément

Heavy Red Alice in Wonderland Dement

Join Alice in her madness when you wear this gorgeous outfit inspired by Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic. Heavy Red‘s Alice outfit debuted in the Fall 2011 clothing line and does not disappoint. It is an outfit full of whimsy, soft lines and feminine touches. The outfit’s Goth inspird elements round out the look perfectly. Whether […]

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SyFy Face Off — “Alice in Zombieland”

This week’s Face Off gave us a delightful blend of fantasy and horror with “Alice in Zombieland.” Smelly cat, redneck rabbit and Tom Petty made appearances, along with Laila Ali and Paul W.S. Anderson. Then the judges ruined the whole thing by blowing the call at the end. Are these the replacement judges? The foundation […]

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Heavy Red Alice 2011 Winners

Alice in Wonderland Costume Contest

The winners of the 2011 Alice in Wonderland costume contest have been announced by Heavy Red. The grand prize winner was Emilie from Florida, but there were a variety of other fun categories for enchantment and Cheshire hookah usage. The lovely Lysiane won both Naughtiest and the White Rabbit Award. Check out the Heavy Red […]

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Alice in Wonderland Costume Contest 2011

alice in wonderland contest from heavy red

Do you love Alice in Wonderland? Dressing up? If so, this may be the contest for you. The good people at Heavy Red have offered up a contest for anyone willing to dress up in their Alice en deshabille costume and take a photo. It doesn’t have to be a professional photo, you can make […]

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Spooky Literature-Inspired Halloween Costume

If you’d like to look both literate and lovely this Halloween, Heavy Red has got you covered. The leading gothic couturier has designed an Alice in Wonderland dress, with a whole host of quirky fun accessories. Your Alice Halloween costume kit includes a teacup little goth hat, Harlequin stockings, playing cards ring, optional skeleton key […]

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BOOM Studios Party Giveaways

Nineteen hour countdown to the party tonight! A few more kickass things: The event is 18+ (not 21+), which means you only have to be eighteen-years-old to attend. One of the reasons for holding the party at this venue is that they are extra-cool about this. Blue Blood’s Forrest Black and Amelia G will […]

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Best Makeup Oscar Nominees

alice in wonderland johnny depp best makeup oscar nomination

The Oscar nominees for Best Makeup include some nice spooky and horror special effects entries. Of special note are Alice in Wonderland, Jonah Hex, and The Wolfman. “Alice in Wonderland”, “Barney’s Version”, “The Fighter”, “Jonah Hex”, “True Grit”, “The Way Back”, “The Wolfman”

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