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The Walking Dead, Consumed, Season 5, Episode 6


Walking Dead hits an emotional apex with an episode that explores Daryl and Carol seeking Beth, themselves, and each other. It’s possibly the best Walking Dead episode ever. I’m going to dispense with the plot of this episode rather quickly, not because it wasn’t good. It was a great plot, part mystery, part Daryl and […]

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The Walking Dead, Season 5 Episode 1

The Walking Dead

The gang, well, most of them, are now at Terminus and reunited. Just how is this going to turn out? Let’s find out… Starting out with a visit to the recent past at Terminus, we see Gareth and some other Terminans (catchy, no?) debating their motives. Back to the present, Rick and the gang are […]

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Walking Dead: A


Terminus! Season finale! Brutal murders! And from it all emerges a new Rick Grimes: the warrior king. Rick, Carl, and Michonne are on the road heading toward Terminus. They stop for the night to sleep in an abandoned truck. Remember how those scumbags Daryl was with were tracking Rick for killing their buddy in the […]

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The Walking Dead: Us


Was anyone else kind of nervous about Walking Dead this week? Luckily it was just a long dark tunnel full of the reanimated dead. There are very few shows I’ll watch the opening credit sequence for over and over, even if I’ve DVRed the show and could fast forward. Walking Dead is one. The theme […]

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Walking Dead: The Grove


Do you like getting punched in the stomach over and over again? Yes? Well have I got a Walking Dead episode for you! This was a Walking Dead episode that people are going to talk about for a long time. Years from now, we’ll look back on it as one of the most memorable episodes […]

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The Walking Dead, Season 4 Episode 12

Walking Dead Darryl Dixon

For a particularly creepy opening, Daryl and Beth come busting out of the bushes on a dark, ominous night where zombies are not far behind them. They stumble upon an old, abandoned piece of crap car and shut themselves in the trunk as the zombies shamble all around them and thunder rumbles on in the […]

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Walking Dead: After


A new season of Walking Dead begins with a perfect blend of emotion and action. It’s Carl’s Big Adventure, and Michonne does some soul searching. Two separate storylines this week showed us some of the aftermath of the battle at the prison. Luckily they didn’t try to show us every single character, giving us a […]

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Walking Dead: Internment


On Walking Dead this week: medical horror, dueling crises, and Full Metal Carl. I don’t really understand why, but the scenes of medical procedures and general grossness this week were a lot harder for me to watch than a zillion zombies getting their heads smashed in. I genuinely had to look away during the intubation […]

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Walking Dead: Indifference


This week’s Walking Dead left the prison behind for a pair of road trips, giving us a dynamic and strangely sad episode. The episode begins with an unsettling sequence cutting between Rick preparing for a run to find food and Carol having a talk with young Lizzie, all set to a throbbing score. Lizzie has […]

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Walking Dead: Isolation


Imagine being stuck in a prison with a bunch of sick people for an hour. That was how this week’s Walking Dead felt. This plague/hemorrhagic fever going through the prison population is a terrible thing. Unfortunately it’s not a very exciting thing. For the most part this episode was a return to those flaccid days […]

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