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Dead Man’s Hand

wild bill hickock of the dead mans hand

Black aces and eights. Wild Bill Hickok was in the middle of a hand of poker when he was shot at Nuttal & Mann’s Saloon No. 10 in Deadwood, in the Black Hills, Dakota Territory. Wild Bill Hickok was a larger-than-life legendary gunman, sometime outlaw, sometime lawman, sometime show shooter, and regular professional gambler. There […]

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Bigfoot Anthology Seeking Submissions

Hellnotes reports that are reading for a Bigfoot anthology. The anthology is intended to appeal to fans of editor A.P. Fuchs’ book Bigfoot War. It will be published in paperback and ebook format by Coscom Entertainment, speculative fiction publishers of superhero books, comics and monster-themed fiction. BIGFOOT ANTHOLOGY Seeking Submissions (Paying Gig) Title: Bigfoot Among […]

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