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American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 12 Continuum

American Horror Story Asylum Continuum

It’s 1967. We start out with a little Kit in his skivvies. That’s right, actor Evan Peters has stripped down once again for us in the episode titled, “Continuum”. Alas, he was semi covered in blood, and carrying an ominous axe, but still, skivvy’s folks! Ahem. We see Kit’s dysfunctional home complete with two “wives” […]

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American Horror Story: Asylum Episode Three

American Horror Story Season 2-Episode 3 Noreaster

In this weeks installment, “Nor’easter”, there is a storm coming. Spectacular use of foreshadowing filled this episode. The beginning was reminiscent of episode two in the first season, “Home Invasion”, where three people break into the home and reenact a brutal murder that happened in the house. This time it was Teresa and Leo dealing […]

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American Horror Story — Asylum Episode Two

american horror story asylem

In what turned out to be one of my most favorite episodes of American Horror Story yet, Tricks and Treats threw down the gauntlet. The episode started with our dear, bloody newlyweds, Leo and Teresa, attempting to hide from Bloody Face. When Teresa cannot pull Leo into a room with her, Bloody Face ends up […]

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