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Evil Dead The Musical

Evil Dead The Musical. Yes, it is a thing. At a glance this musical seems to be a poor satirical cash cow that the playwrights are milking for all its worth. After all, the Evil Dead brand is a cult classic. Upon further investigation, however, this humble and creative team from Canada have actually created […]

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Doc of the Dead – Live Event Sept 24th

Attention Zombie lovers, on September 24th EPIX is hosting an all day celebration of the zombie sub-genre, across film, television, and literature, where luminaries from the field offer their insight and experiences. The experience centers around their new Doc of the Dead zombie genre documentary and an impressive roster of actors, authors, directors, and other […]

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Face Off – Mummy Mayhem

Face Off gives us a very cool Evil Dead themed challenge, all five remaining contestants do killer mummy designs, and then I lose all faith in the judges completely and forever. At the increasingly empty house, we find that Meagan left everyone notes scrawled on mirrors as a parting gift. That’s such a perfect combination […]

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