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Steampunk Cthulu (Paying Market)

cthulu 1800s steampunk

Two suspect tastes that taste great together – steampunk and Cthulu. Editors Brian M. Sammons and Glynn Owen Barrass are currently reading for an anthology of steampunk Cthulu tales, to be published by role-playing game company Chaosium, home of Call of Cthulu. Coming soon from Chaosium, edited by Brian M. Sammons and Glynn Owen Barrass, […]

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Religious Horror Call for Submissions – Paying Market

dark faith anthology

In keeping with our current coverage of The Devil Inside, this seemed like a good time to let all your writers know that Apex Books is reading for the sequel to their Dark Faith book. Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon edited this horror anthology which explored the dark side of faith and religion and now […]

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Pseudopod Podcast Paying Market

pseudopod call for submissions

If you enjoyed Maria Alexander’s reading of her Xmas tale, and you were wondering how you can get your own fine fiction presented that way . . . here are the submission guidelines for Pseudopod. Pseudopod is a paying market. Submission Guidelines Pseudopod is always looking for quality fiction to feed our listeners. If […]

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Ars Magica Hooks Open Call

atlas games

Here is a call for submissions for all you gamer folks who write. This is to write European-themed short scenario supplements for Ars Magica from Atlas Games. These are presumably intended to appeal to gamers into the trend towards one day play. This is a paying market. The Ars Magica line now introduces large portions […]

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Chilling Tales: In words, alas, drown I Call for Submissions

chilling tales

Unfortunately, if you are an author or aspiring author from outside Canada, you can stop reading now. Canadian spooksters, however, are invited to submit to the new Chilling Tales: In words, alas, drown I anthology, edited by Michael Kelly. This is the sequel to Chilling Tales: Evil Did I Dwell; Lewd I Did Live. It […]

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Night Terrors II Call for Submissions

night terrors

Blood Bound Books is currently accepting submissions to Night Terrors II, the sequel to the well-received Night Terrors, edited by Theresa Dillon. The first book in the horror anthology series included work from Adrian Ludens, Pete Mesling, Jenna M. Pitman, Matthew Moore, Jessy Marie Roberts, G. Winston Hyatt, Monique Bos, Stephanie Kincaid, Desmond Warzel, David […]

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Future Lovecraft Call for Submissions Paying Market

future lovecraft

Tomorrow, the good ancient sleeping evil people at Innsmouth Free Press start reading for their Future Lovecraft anthology. In addition to doing their Monster Bytes zine three times a year, Innsmouth Free Press also publishes anthologies of interest to Lovecraft aficionados. This is a paying market. Future Lovecraft will open to submissions for short stories […]

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Blue Blood All Access Pass Call for Submissions Paying Market

backstage passes

Amelia G is reading for the sequel to her critically-acclaimed Backstage Passes anthology. Here is the info from her blog and the writers guidelines. I’m still reading for the sequel to Backstage Passes. Backstage Passes is a bit of a who’s who of cool fiction, with work from Poppy Z. Brite, Nancy A. Collins, John […]

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Taken by Force Volume II Call for Submissions

taken by force

STARbooks Press, established in 1989, is the largest independent, gay-only publisher in North America. If you do not want to write about man/man interaction, you should probably stop reading now. If you can write good gay and bisexual work, STARbooks Press has regular open calls for submissions and is a paying market. Editor Christopher Pierce […]

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Mortis Operandi Anthology Call for Submissions

The Harrow Press is going to publish a supernatural crime anthology, called Mortis Operandi, edited by Kfir Luzzatto and Dru Pagliassotti. D. L. Snell has published an interview with the editors about their tastes on Market Scoops. MORTIS OPERANDI: CALL FOR STORIES Now open to submissions Editors: Kfir Luzzatto and Dru Pagliassotti MORTIS OPERANDI is […]

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