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Hellbound Heart and Scarlet Gospels

scarlet gospels clive barker

Attention Clive Barker fans: St. Martin’s Press have announced a release date for the novel that will end the Hellraiser mythology; The Scarlet Gospels is due May of 2015! This is exciting news considering the original novella that started it all, The Hellbound Heart, was first published in 1986—nearly thirty years ago! There are so […]

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Hellraiser Comic Book Preview

The party on March 19 was the only place in the world to get the new Hellraiser comic until March 23. Now that the Hellraiser #1 comic book is out, we’ve got a little free preview here to share with you all, including this complete original story Hellraiser Prelude PDF. Written by Clive Barker, […]

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