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Face Off: Heavenly Bodies


Remember last season when I made fun of the ballet finale? Well they actually found a way to make it worse. So much worse. I’m going to spend some portion of this recap mocking the finale itself, because it was eminently risible. But to be totally clear, George, Tyler, and Rashaad are awesome and did […]

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Face Off: Cry Wolf


A classic supernatural showdown cuts the Face Off field to the final three. Last week’s non-elimination challenge lead directly to this week’s second part. Each artist has to make a werewolf that is the nemesis of last week’s international vampire. Sounds good. This was a mostly uneventful episode. George had trouble with his injured wrist, […]

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Face Off: Bloodsuckers


This season of Face Off grinds along, with the remaining four contestants creating international vampires this week. Notice that the remaining four artists are the nicest, most helpful, enthusiastic people on the show? Not that everyone who’s been eliminated was a jerk or anything. Lots of nice, helpful, enthusiastic folks have gone by the wayside. […]

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Face Off: Industrial Revolution


A robotic challenge brings out the best in most of the remaining artists on this week’s Face Off. At Union Station, McKenzie talks about robots replacing humans. Everyone has to pick an occupation and create a robot that can do it, making sure it has a major technological advantage over humans. Right off the bat […]

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Face Off: Freaks of Nature


On this week’s Face Off, the contestants mastermind some mutants and I continue to be confused about the judging. Only six remain! So it’s off to a prestigious FX school (and Neville’s alma mater) to design creatures based on genetic mutations. The cool part of this was that, instead of just sketching, each artist got […]

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Face Off: What a Dahl


It’s time for a whimsical challenge, and we all know how much I like whimsical challenges. Not very much. Sometimes a contestant just doesn’t connect with a certain type of challenge, and they’ll say something like, “I’m just not into wizards,” or, “I’ve never seen a zombie movie.” Well I really know how they feel. […]

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Face Off: Mad Science


Face Off goes for the jugular with medical horror this week, but not everyone gets the concept. We’re getting down to crunch time on Face Off, those last few weeks where the remaining artists are at the top of their game, and any mistake can get you sent home. And while there’ve been some great […]

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Face Off Season 6, Episode 8

Face Off Ego Trip Japan

With eight artists remaining, the group goes to Tokyo to face their next challenge. They get to experience a little bit of the culture as they make their way to a temple where they hear that the next challenge is the oni. They are entities from the spirit world that can boast extra fingers, toes, […]

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Face Off Season 6, Episode 7

Face Off Season 6, Episode 7

I’m jumping in here as a guest writer replacing Ed while he visits a tropical paradise for a little vacation getaway. Don’t worry, folks, your trusty reporter will be back in two weeks, bringing you the scoop on all of your favorite television shows. Until then, thank you for having me. The challenge tonight started […]

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Face Off: Cryptic Creatures


The Face Off contestants make creative cryptids and we get a visit from Doug Jones, acclaimed creature actor. A foundation challenge starts us off, and it’s one of those fun “transform an entire group in two hours” challenges, like we saw last season with zombies. I love these, it’s very much like what the haunted […]

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