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Face Off Season 6, Episode 8

Face Off Ego Trip Japan

With eight artists remaining, the group goes to Tokyo to face their next challenge. They get to experience a little bit of the culture as they make their way to a temple where they hear that the next challenge is the oni. They are entities from the spirit world that can boast extra fingers, toes, […]

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Face Off – Cosmic Circus

Face Off - Cosmic Circus

Face Off breaks our hearts this week. With only eight artists left, someone with a ton of talent gets sent home, and there’s a lot of crying. Right to the challenge this week, no screwing around. Some people come out and do a crazy acrobatic routine. It’s Cirque Berzerk! They want the artists to create […]

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Face Off – Mother Earth Goddess

Face Off Mother Earth Goddess

This week’s Face Off gave us a cute mom connection, but it was also a bit heartbreaking. There’s so much talent this season that every cut seems unjust. Everyone tromps out to the L.A. Arboretum (I think?) to look at plants and learn they have to design a Mother Nature goddess figure, and include some […]

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