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True Blood Season 6, Episode 1

It was a fun, dark and action filled season premiere on True Blood as the fans have come to expect. Picking up where the last episode left off, vampire Bill didn’t meet his true death after all. Instead, he’s now evolved into a super vamp of sorts – the mother effing king of all bloodsuckers […]

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Lost Girl – The Kenziscale

On Lost Girl, we learn where the real Kenzi is, Bo and Tamsin make out, and a lot of feelings get hurt. The action begins immediately where last week ended, with Bo accusing Kenzi of not being the real Kenzi and everyone else acting like Bo is crazy. They lock Bo up, worried that she’s […]

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Lost Girl — Faes Wide Open

Lost Girl, the TV show that gives you the maximum amount of sideboob allowed by law, guaranteed. This week’s episode was called “Faes Wide Shut,” and it should be the final nail in the coffin of the terrible “Fae” puns for episode titles. It doesn’t even make any sense. How do you pronounce that? Fighs? […]

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Lost Girl – SubterrFaenean

Lost Girl goes underground for “SubterrFaenean” while single-handedly supporting the entire Canadian push-up bra industry. I’m actually going to talk about folklore and the limits of Lost Girl’s progressiveness this week, but I figured I’d start off with a boob joke. Kenzi and Vex are visiting some kind of underground sightseeing club thing with Kenzi’s […]

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Lost Girl – Caged Fae

Lost Girl, season three has finally arrived! The show that single-handedly keeps the Canadian eye liner and mascara industry in business. And why waste any time? Let’s start right off with an homage to “girls in prison” exploitation films. When last season ended, there were a few plot lines left dangling. Bo used her grandma’s […]

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Everything You Need to Know About SyFy’s Lost Girl

The third season of supernatural crime drama Lost Girl is set to kick off on SyFy next week, so now is the perfect time to get caught up on everything that’s already happened in the fae world. Dark fae? Light fae? We’ll get you sorted out with this Lost Girl primer. Lost Girl is basically […]

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Fae Zombie Monster King Makeup

dragoncon zombie fairy monster king makeup

Blue Blood just posted some DragonCon costume pics. I’m especially loving this fae zombie monster king outfit. I wonder how long that took to put on. I was very active in East Coast fandom from the time I was very underage (but old enough to get into mischief), until I moved to California. It was […]

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Flower Ballgown

camellia countessa

Blue Blood reports that artist Nicole Dextras is making ballgowns of flowers and leaves. Outfits appropriate for all your dark fae major events. I am not usually a fan of art which is fleeting or the whole schtick of destroying what one has created. One of the reasons I shoot is to give some permanence […]

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