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Next month Shout Factory will release Nightbreed: The Director’s Cut, a very different version of the film that 20th Century Fox let out of the cage in 1990. While you wait for that shiny Blu-ray; you could read the 1989 Clive Barker story Cabal published by Harper Collins (you know, the novel that the film […]

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The Dresden Files: Skin Game by Jim Butcher

skin game jim butcher

Skin Game by Jim Butcher is the fifteenth novel in The Dresden Files series—do not fret if you have never read this epic urban contemporary fantasy saga before because each book is written in a way that is very accessible for newcomers. Long term fans will agree that certain recurring location descriptions (McAnally’s Pub) can […]

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World Fantasy Convention 2013 to be in Brighton England

The THE ONLY OTHER TIMES that the World Fantasy Convention has moved outside North America was in 1988 and 1997, when the event was held in London. It has been clear for some time now that we are long overdue for another one in the United Kingdom. However, there have been difficulties finding a suitable […]

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