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American Horror Story, Season 3, Episode 1

the witching house is upon us

This was a highly anticipated season premiere, and the talk around the water cooler proved that the team behind American Horror Story had better bring their best. But did they? I say yes. Centered around witches, season three, aptly titled American Horror Story: Coven, is set in New Orleans, a place so witchy and mysterious […]

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Face Off – Mother Earth Goddess

Face Off Mother Earth Goddess

This week’s Face Off gave us a cute mom connection, but it was also a bit heartbreaking. There’s so much talent this season that every cut seems unjust. Everyone tromps out to the L.A. Arboretum (I think?) to look at plants and learn they have to design a Mother Nature goddess figure, and include some […]

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OpenWoundFX Human Skin Couture

open wound fx slit neck prosthetic

Every girl should have a pair of Gartered Legs in her costume trunk. Why strut leg flesh in gartered thigh highs when it’s so easy to rock the shock look at the next scene party or event. Gartered Legs are latex prosthetics available from Etsy store OpenWoundFX in either Painted or Unpainted sets. The Painted […]

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American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 9

American Horror Story on FX

It seems that we’re on track to get some answers to the many questions on American Horror Story: Asylum. With story arcs rounding the bend, episode 9, “The Coat Hanger”, had some delicious innuendos. Season one favorite, Dylan McDermott, is back. But this time he is no mild mannered therapist. In fact, he is seeking […]

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American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 8

ahs american horror story xmas christmas homicidal santa nun

It’s Christmas at Briarcliff and it wouldn’t be complete without an evil Santa. Aptly titled “Unholy Night”, in this episode we see a homicidal maniac dressed in a Santa suit, courtesy of the amazing actor, Ian McShane. He plays Mr. Emerson with his trademark gruff demeanor, gravel voice, ability to dig down deep and a […]

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SyFy Face Off — Junkyard Cyborg

A trip to the junkyard gives the last five Face Off contestants the ingredients to build their own cyborgs. Does it matter if you don’t really know what a cyborg is? Kind of. It was funny watching the different reactions of each contestant when they entered the junkyard and found out they’d be building cyborgs. […]

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American Horror Story Season One Recap

american horror story season 1 fx

American Horror Story premiered October 5, 2011 on FX. The show, created by Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy, was well received and gained an incredible fan base quickly. It went on to win multiple awards and garnered 3.2 million viewers for the pilot episode alone. In season one we were given the story of the […]

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SyFy Face Off — “Monster Twist”

The contestants try to step outside of their design comfort zones while working with the most immature clients ever, and a previously eliminated contestant returns on the Day of the Dead. Face Off! Can I just take a moment here to point out what a missed opportunity it is that Face Off has never had […]

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Face Off Season 3 Premiere — “A Force to Be Reckoned With”

On the season 3 premiere of Face Off, we learned which contestant is the biggest d-bag real quick. The reason for Patrick Tatopoulos leaving the show was revealed, Sean Astin might have been there for a second, and of course we got to see some talented people do amazing things. Seems on par. The season […]

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