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The Horrors of Gen Con (PICS)

gencon ed grabianowski

Gen Con, the biggest gaming convention in North America, took place in Indianapolis week before last. I was there on the front lines, sorting through all the wizards and elves to find the finest in horror gaming and cosplay. There were a lot of zombies. Horror gaming is mostly divided between zombies and Cthulhu. Cthulhu […]

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Stephen King Reads Shining Sequel, Stephen King Country Gets Casino

Stephen King at George Mason University

Stephen King stories often take place in Western Maine, albeit in fictional towns like Salem’s Lot and Castle Rock. This past week, the Maine Gambling Control Board approved the first Maine casino and it is going to be in this area. Before last week, it actually wasn’t legal to even sell poker chips in Maine. […]

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New Local D&D Encounters Events

Wizards of the Coast have recently launched a fun new series of sociable Dungeons & Dragons gaming events called D&D Encounters that take place concurrently each Wednesday in local gaming stores all over the country. The current adventure The Story of Evard’s Dark Legacy looks to be a creepy tale of undead invasion. The Wizards […]

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