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The Following, episode 12, The Curse

The Following on FOX The Curse Episode 12

Episode twelve titled, “The Curse”, starts off with Claire trying to make a run for it with Joey first thing in the morning, only to be met at the gate by Roderick and a group of the followers. Good try, bad call. Now Claire’s on house arrest courtesy of sheriff Roderick. Creepy Carroll informs Claire […]

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The Following Episode 10: Guilt

Guilt, The Following on FOX, episode 10

With Jacob at the casa de serial killers, his fragile psyche is starting to quake as he dreams of Paul waking him up, healthy and shirtless, and a butchered Emma in the shower, covered with blood. Would this perhaps be a little foreshadowing? Either way, I just don’t think Jacob is strong enough to handle […]

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Walking Dead Episode 204

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This week’s episode of Walking Dead was all about guilt. Guilt about getting your partner shot, guilt about lying to your son, guilt about bringing a child into a hellish world, and guilt about straight up murdering someone. Because life in the world of Walking Dead isn’t crappy enough already. “Cherokee Rose” started out with […]

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