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Martha Stewart Dark Living for Halloween

Martha Stewart Halloween Dead Ringer

We were just reminded by Gothic.Org that, even though the new Martha Stewart Living Halloween special comes out this week, we can get started with last year’s and get to all those Halloween projects we might have procrastinated. Most notably, the issue has an online portion with templates for creating all the crafts described in […]

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Get Pinned – Pinhead Makeup Tutorial

pinhead hellraiser makeup tutorial

No doubt you’ve seen Hellraiser or followed the entire Hellraiser series of horror flicks. Have you ever thought about going to a Halloween party, horror film themed club night or a Hellraiser event at a Horror Convention made up as Pinhead? Other than buying a Pinhead mask, has the idea of recreating the actual Pinhead […]

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Walking Dead Episode 203

The Walking Dead (Season 2)

The one week every show on TV gives us special Halloween episodes, Walking Dead shrugs and says, “It’s Halloween 24/7/365 around here, bitches.” Instead we get an episode about loss, grief, and tragedy, and how the last casualty of war is hope. The survivors are surely fighting a war at this point. It’s a strange […]

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Spooky Literature-Inspired Halloween Costume

If you’d like to look both literate and lovely this Halloween, Heavy Red has got you covered. The leading gothic couturier has designed an Alice in Wonderland dress, with a whole host of quirky fun accessories. Your Alice Halloween costume kit includes a teacup little goth hat, Harlequin stockings, playing cards ring, optional skeleton key […]

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SyFy Face Off Monster Makeovers

syfy face off monster makeover alien

SyFy is doing a show called Face Off. If you love monster movie special effects makeup, they are talking to you. The concept appears to be Project Runway if every day is Halloween. Face Off is a competition/elimination series exploring the world of special-effects make-up artists and the unlimited imagination that allows them to create […]

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