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The Following, episode 15, The Final Chapter

The Following on FOX, The Final Chapter, Episode 15

Well, here we are, folks. It’s the end of season one of The Following. Things aren’t looking so good for Hardy and especially Agent Parker and Claire. And with Carroll severely wounded, this is anyone’s game. Let’s see how it will play out, shall we? “The Final Chapter” opens with Hardy and the FBI review […]

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The Following, episode 14, The End is Near

The Following, episode 14, The End is Near

Here goes Carroll watching more Hardy porn. As we are watching the full-fledged spiraling descent of what little sanity Carroll had left, we are also seeing him hanging on with a gossamer thin thread to what remains of his beloved followers. He may be dying with that gut wound, and now he comes back to […]

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The Following, episode 13, Havenport

the following havenport

Sheriff Roderick is helping out the FBI right under Hardy’s nose. But one thing he didn’t count on was that Weston would be back. When Weston sees him, he pulls a gun on him. Roderick eyes him momentarily and was surprised to see him, banking on Weston being in the hospital. Roderick walks away and […]

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The Following, Episode 11, Whips and Regret

The Following on FOX Whips and Regret

After he lost Claire, Hardy fell back off the wagon. Carroll gives Ryan a wake up call and calls him out on drinking again. Hardy hangs up on him, but Carroll calls back and brings up their famous book again. He’s calling him to rub his renewed family in Hardy’s face, effectively hurting Hardy. At […]

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The Following Episode 10: Guilt

Guilt, The Following on FOX, episode 10

With Jacob at the casa de serial killers, his fragile psyche is starting to quake as he dreams of Paul waking him up, healthy and shirtless, and a butchered Emma in the shower, covered with blood. Would this perhaps be a little foreshadowing? Either way, I just don’t think Jacob is strong enough to handle […]

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The Following Episode 6: The Fall

The Following on FOX, episode 6 The Fall

Picking up where episode five left off, “The Fall” starts off with an unhinged Paul holding a gun to Hardy’s head just as he had found Joey. Jacob and Emma bust in and are obviously losing their cool as they try to formulate a plan to leave. Hardy calmly tells them that the police, FBI, […]

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The Following – Episode 3 – The Poet’s Fire

The Following, Season 1, Episode 2, The Poet's Fire

We were left with the image of someone in a Poe mask setting a civilian on fire. In episode three, “The Poet’s Fire”, we pick up with the person in the Poe mask delivering a street performance that has attracted quite a crowd. As our curiosity grows concerning who is really behind the mask, the […]

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The Following Episode 2: The Saga Continues

The Following on FOX Episode 2

Episode two of The Following, titled, “Chapter 2”, was aptly named. As we continue serial killer Joe Carroll’s (James Purefoy) ambitions of writing a sequel novel featuring Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) as his flawed hero, we see the monstrous machine that is Carroll’s plan as its gears begin to turn. When we left off last […]

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The Following Pilot Episode

fox the following ice pick eyeball writing lady

Fox’s new series, “The Following”, debuted Monday, January 21. Labeled as a drama, it also incorporates elements of horror and suspense with a storyline revolving around a serial killer. This is not your run of the mill serial killer, though. Joe Carroll (played by James Purefoy) is quite prolific and just happens to be an […]

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