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Alice en Bataille

heavy red alice

We like gothic and we like literary, so Heavy Red’s Alice en Bataille couture Halloween costume really hits the spot. The concept is a sort of goth battle-ready Alice in Wonderland. Each year, Heavy Red does a different take on Alice in Wonderland cosplay. Maybe I am over-thinking it, but I do believe the progression […]

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Poppy Z. Brite Collectible Art and Lost Souls

lost souls poppy z brite ebay original art

Long before the current teen vampire craze, contributor Poppy Z. Brite wrote her seminal vampire novel Lost Souls. Poppy Z. Brite’s teens were edgier and more real. Although these days Poppy Z. Brite is Billy Martin and has gone on to writing on more explicitly gay non-horror topics, you have the opportunity to get […]

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How does a virtual book signing work exactly?

Sue Dent Never Ceese

Author Sue Dent has come up with an innovative way to give her readers the pleasure of a book signing . . . when reading digital books. She is leveraging PDF and webcam in a combination of new technologies, which will be instrumental in forming the publishing world of the future. This virtual book signing […]

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