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Panel of Experts: Genre

panel of experts genre

Question: If you had to label your work, what genre tag would you put on the bulk of it? Horror and dark fiction/art seem to be the two big winners here, in terms of how we would label our work, if we had to label our work. Many of us balk at having to label, […]

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Panel of Experts: Facebook

facebook panel of experts

Question: What do you think of Facebook, its current role, and its future? Facebook seems to be winning the SNS battle for the hearts and time-sucks of horror professionals. We worry about privacy issues on Facebook and we worry about how much creativity energy it can use up. But we love the elegant user-friendly interface. […]

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Larry Bradby

larry bradby

Larry Bradby is a photographer specializing in dark and gothic subject matter. His credits include Night Dreams, Blue Blood, and Marquis. You can find all articles and fiction relating to Larry Bradby at tag Larry Bradby. web site: Larry Bradby Facebook: Larry Bradby

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