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Martha Stewart Dark Living for Halloween

Martha Stewart Halloween Dead Ringer

We were just reminded by Gothic.Org that, even though the new Martha Stewart Living Halloween special comes out this week, we can get started with last year’s and get to all those Halloween projects we might have procrastinated. Most notably, the issue has an online portion with templates for creating all the crafts described in […]

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Gore Magazine Zombie Issue

Zombie Gore Magazine

It is Zombie time at Gore Magazine and they are offering some treats for you undead lovers in the Zombie issue. It offers a variety of ideas for makeup and zombie clothing and party ideas. Perhaps my favorite special in this issue is the Cannibal Cookbook, how would you like an arterial spritzer? Sounds delicious […]

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Free Gorzone 58 Digital Edition

gorzone 58 digital edition

From the UK, Gorzone magazine is offering a free digital edition of Gorzone 58 (NSFW). From the name, you might expect this magazine to be all about the most bloody gruesome horror, but, although they do cover a fair amount of slasher material, their focus is on the babes. Gorzone is currently on issue number […]

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