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Martha Stewart Dark Living for Halloween

Martha Stewart Halloween Dead Ringer

We were just reminded by Gothic.Org that, even though the new Martha Stewart Living Halloween special comes out this week, we can get started with last year’s and get to all those Halloween projects we might have procrastinated. Most notably, the issue has an online portion with templates for creating all the crafts described in […]

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Face Off Season 6, Episode 8

Face Off Ego Trip Japan

With eight artists remaining, the group goes to Tokyo to face their next challenge. They get to experience a little bit of the culture as they make their way to a temple where they hear that the next challenge is the oni. They are entities from the spirit world that can boast extra fingers, toes, […]

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Face Off Season 6, Episode 7

Face Off Season 6, Episode 7

I’m jumping in here as a guest writer replacing Ed while he visits a tropical paradise for a little vacation getaway. Don’t worry, folks, your trusty reporter will be back in two weeks, bringing you the scoop on all of your favorite television shows. Until then, thank you for having me. The challenge tonight started […]

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Face Off – Mother Earth Goddess

Face Off Mother Earth Goddess

This week’s Face Off gave us a cute mom connection, but it was also a bit heartbreaking. There’s so much talent this season that every cut seems unjust. Everyone tromps out to the L.A. Arboretum (I think?) to look at plants and learn they have to design a Mother Nature goddess figure, and include some […]

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Killer Clown Makeup Tutorial

killer klown melissa bernard

There is a glut of alt makeup tutorials on Youtube: goth, emo, zombie, alien, horror FX, split face, etc. Some TUTs are extremely detailed and helpful for you to use to create the look you seek or simply to view for entertainment. Others are lame video fails. Let me tell you about this amazing FX […]

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Makeup Columnist Wanted for SyFy Face Off (Paying Market)

face off

You have probably noticed that we have been gearing up to cover the new season of Face Off here at, including an Exclusive Interview with SyFy Face Off Season 2 Winner Rayce Bird by columnist extraordinaire Ed Grabianowski. Dark fashion and beauty site Gothic.Org wants in on the Face Off fun and is […]

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Exclusive Interview with SyFy Face Off Season 2 Winner Rayce Bird

Rayce Bird Winning Creations Pose

Now, let’s turn to Face/Off Season 2 champion Rayce Bird, who took top honors with a three-part design that depicted a trio cosmic beings representing light, darkness, and a transitional phase. Rayce was kind enough to answer some of our questions about Face Off and offer advice to the new contestants. Ed Grabianowski for […]

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Gothic Fashion Sister Site Launches

At HQ, we love dark literature and horror movies . . . and spooky makeup tutorials and velvet frocks. A lot of people like all of those things, but a lot of people tend to kind of like either the former or the latter. Although will continue to cover the occasional exemplary gothic […]

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Manic Panic: Creature of the Night

manic panic nice with a hint of naughty

Over at Manic Panic Collection, they are bringing some spectacular looks in makeup and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a t-shirt, a bag, or some new lipstick, they have you covered. Their slogan for the season is “Holiday 2011, Nice with a Hint of Naughty”, and it is aptly named. The hues and pigments they […]

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40% Off Manic Panic Collection Holiday Sale

manic panic holiday

Whether you have been naughty or nice, Manic Panic Collection is kicking off the holiday season offering a Cyber Monday 40% discount sale for all Creatures of the Night. Manic Panic Collection offers great prices on one-stop shopping for OG brightly-colored hair dye, creepy makeup colors, and sweet kits of different color palettes. THANKSGIVING WEEKEND […]

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