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Pseudopod Podcast Paying Market

pseudopod call for submissions

If you enjoyed Maria Alexander’s reading of her Xmas tale, and you were wondering how you can get your own fine fiction presented that way . . . here are the submission guidelines for Pseudopod. Pseudopod is a paying market. Submission Guidelines Pseudopod is always looking for quality fiction to feed our listeners. If […]

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Maria Alexander Reads Her Xmas Story Coming Home

pseudopod the sound of horror podcasts

Shawn Garret at Pseudopod brings you the auditory pleasure of Maria Alexander reading the creepy holiday story “Coming Home”. Pseudopod, the sound of horror, has been publishing horror podcasts since 2006. Check them out. bonus Christmas flash – Coming HomeDecember 23rd, 2011 2:02 amBy Maria AlexanderThe text of this story is available at You […]

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