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Immortalized Episode 8: Heaven and Hell

Immortalized Competitive Taxidermy Reality Show AMC Heaven Hell

Finally we have the return of my favorite Immortalizer, Takeshi Yamada. Tonight he goes up against the challenger, Gary Robbins. Tonight’s theme is “Heaven and Hell”, which should provide for an interesting contest. Robbins is a Hollywood taxidermist that provides his pieces for television and film, to name a few. His experience is broad and […]

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Grimm Season 2 Trailer

David Giuntoli Grimm Season 2 Cake

NBC’s television show Grimm is a cop show. With the twist that Detective Nick Burkhardt is a Grimm. This means he can see through the fae glamour the monsters of the Pacific NW use to conceal themselves from mortal man and walk among us. Plus he has some useful super strength and that sort of […]

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