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The Walking Dead: What Happened and What’s Going On

walking dead ep 509

Of course, you know that we are going to be having major spoilers up ahead, so enter at your own risk for lots on episode 509 of The Walking Dead. So after a brief recap, we find ourselves digging. For what, we don’t immediately know. Judging by all the tears, Beth’s funeral is a very […]

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Walking Dead – Arrow on the Doorpost

the walking dead daryl dixon

On Walking Dead, authority always wins, the Great Failed Treaty of ’13 yields yawns, Andrea picks a side, and Glen and Maggie reveal a new rule for Zombieland. The crux of this episode is the meeting between Rick and the Governor, arranged by Andrea and set up in neutral territory, an old barn. While Rick […]

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Walking Dead Episode 213 Season Finale

The Walking Dead Season Finale Gallery Thumb

The second season of The Walking Dead did not stagger to the end. No, it went out with a big shotgun blast full of awesome aimed directly at your head. Apparently most of the season’s FX budget was saved up for the first 20 minutes of this episode. Total zombie overload, plus that huge barn […]

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