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Women in Horror Month

women in horror month blood drive

The third annual Women in Horror Month, a service provided through Viscera, a non-profit organization, took place this past February. Their mission is to expand opportunities for filmmakers, artists and fans by raising awareness about the changing roles for women through filmmaking, writing, events and networking. Throughout the month of February, several events took place […]

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Rue Morgue Tagline Contest

Over at the Rue Morgue site, they recently ran a contest that allowed listeners of their podcasts to come up with a provocative and ballsy tagline for any horror film. The only requirement was that the tagline needed to be original and along the lines of something you would see on a t-shirt. Ten lucky […]

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Manitoba Undead

manitoba undead

Rue Morgue reports that those of us who like both hockey and horror may find our H hobbies combined. Could The ‘H’ in NHL Soon Stand For Horror? Trevor Tuminski It’s not often that I get excited about sports, and it’s even more unusual that the worlds of Rue Morgue and professional sports should collide. […]

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Rue Morgue 108

rue morgue magazine 108

Rue Morgue is up to an amazing 108 issues. That is about 105 more than most horror magazines get to, so kudos to them. For some subscribers, with this issue, they are also giving about a bunch of copies of Saw: The Final Chapter Unrated, Buried and The Last Exorcism on Blu-ray. Blu Ray really […]

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