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RazorCandi Dress Like a Freak Meme Banned from Facebook

oh I dress like a freak please explain to me what normal is in grave detail

Beautiful goth and horror icon RazorCandi used to have a Facebook page with almost 150,000 followers, but Facebook unpublished the page. Supposedly this happens because there are too many complaints, but she just posted one of the images which apparently got a lot of negative feedback. It is a meme of her looking very deathrock […]

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BLT Black Leather Times Zine Book and Tshirts

BLT Suicide

Old skool goths probably remember the little BLT humor zines from conventions. Each issue had hilarious, witty, and sarcastic writing and really cool artwork. Content ranged from goth-industrial club reviews to quizzes on how to tell if you are dating a vampire (spoiler: you are not dating a vampire.) My favorite parts were probably the […]

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Bleeding Edge Evil Clown Bobble Head, New Store

bleeding edge evil clown bobble head

The creative people at Bleeding Edge have consolidated their various designs and are now offering the Bleeding Edge gothic dolls for sale at a site called Varner Concepts. The newer site features a very robust and complete shopping cart store of their creations. If big-eyed plush goth girls are not creepy enough for you, Varner […]

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