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Walking Dead – Clear

“You will be torn apart by teeth or bullets.” This episode of Walking Dead was a throwback to season one, back when every episode left you wrung out and emotionally exhausted. Horror and anguish and humor and gore and ass-kicking zombie battles. Rick, Carl, and Michonne are on a road trip. We get our first […]

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Walking Dead Episode 213 Season Finale

The Walking Dead Season Finale Gallery Thumb

The second season of The Walking Dead did not stagger to the end. No, it went out with a big shotgun blast full of awesome aimed directly at your head. Apparently most of the season’s FX budget was saved up for the first 20 minutes of this episode. Total zombie overload, plus that huge barn […]

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Walking Dead Episode 212

Shane Walsh Episode 212 Walking Dead Gallery Thumb

When an episodic TV show gets close to the season finale, it’s time to take all those dangling plot threads, hack them off with a hunting knife, break their necks, then shoot them in the head. This week’s Walking Dead managed all that, plus a major character death and a brilliant setup for next week. […]

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Walking Dead Episode 211

The Walking Dead (Season 2) Episode 211 Gallery Thumb

It had to happen eventually. Every series needs its own Worst Episode Ever. This week we got it from the Walking Dead. The crux of the episode was the decision to kill or not to kill Randall, the kid they saved from fence impalement. That’s pretty serious dramatic material. It’s literally a matter of life […]

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Walking Dead Episode 210

The Walking Dead Episode 210

On this week’s Walking Dead, Rick and Shane take a zombie road trip with their new little buddy in the trunk, and one of farmer Hershell’s daughters tries to make the zombies’ job easier for them by pre-killing herself. With no warning, we’re thrown headfirst into a crazy action scene with Shane fleeing a zombie […]

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Walking Dead Episode 209

The Walking Dead Episode 209 gallery thumb

Walking Dead is alive again! This week’s episode lead off with gunfights and gore, and even the relationship stuff was intense, all capped off by Lori setting up a steel cage match between Rick and Shane. Here we have Lori is the car she crashed being a moron. Here we have a zombie desperately, futilely […]

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Walking Dead Episode 208

The Walking Dead Episode 208

Walking Dead comes out of the mid-season break literally right where it left off, with Deputy Rick looking down the barrel of his gun at the little-girl zombie he just capped. Now that the ennui of the eternal search for Sophia has passed, where will the survivors go? Maybe Nebraska. Following the Great Zombie Barn […]

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Walking Dead Episode 205

The Walking Dead Gallery Thumb

From the trials and tribulations of Daryl Dixon to the big reveal of Glenn’s booty call gone awry, this week’s episode of Walking Dead did what this show does best: unwrap the inner turmoil of the characters amidst the horrors of their daily lives. Some of them we like a lot more; some of them […]

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Walking Dead Episode 204

Gallery Thumb

This week’s episode of Walking Dead was all about guilt. Guilt about getting your partner shot, guilt about lying to your son, guilt about bringing a child into a hellish world, and guilt about straight up murdering someone. Because life in the world of Walking Dead isn’t crappy enough already. “Cherokee Rose” started out with […]

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Walking Dead Season 2 Preview Pics

The Walking Dead Season 2

This gallery is a sneak peek of the visuals for the upcoming season 2 of The Walking Dead on AMC. Check out’s exclusive Walking Dead season 1 recap and upcoming episode-by-episode coverage. AMC PREMIERES “THE WALKING DEAD” ON SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16TH AT 9PM EST Fans Get More Than Twice as Many Episodes as Season […]

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