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Taken by Force Volume II Call for Submissions

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taken by forceSTARbooks Press, established in 1989, is the largest independent, gay-only publisher in North America. If you do not want to write about man/man interaction, you should probably stop reading now. If you can write good gay and bisexual work, STARbooks Press has regular open calls for submissions and is a paying market. Editor Christopher Pierce is currently reading for the sequel to Taken by Force: Erotic Stories of Abduction and Captivity. Pay for this book is not publicly listed, but some report the rate to be $25 to $30 for an accepted story.

Taken by Force Volume II: More Erotic Stories of Abduction and Captivity edited by Christopher Pierce

Deadline: June 30, 2011

Return to the cutting edge of danger and desire! In this second volume of Taken by Force: Erotic Stories of Abduction and Captivity, I am asking writers to delve even deeper into their dark imaginations and come back with their hottest stories of men kidnapping other men!

Have you ever wanted a guy so badly that you’d do anything to have him, including abducting him? Have you ever seen a big bruiser and wished he’d just tie you up, throw you over his shoulder and kidnap you away from your dull, boring life? Have you ever plotted revenge against a guy that rejected you and wanted to rip him out of his safe, comfortable world and into one where you call the shots and his very survival depends on you?

Let these scenarios stir your imagination and start writing!

All characters must be men (gay or straight) over 18 years old. Stories can be from the point-of-view of the kidnapper or the kidnapped. Stories can have any setting and be any genre (regular stroke fiction, bondage/SM, comedy, romantic, action/adventure, science fiction, fantasy, horror) so follow your imagination into your darkest and raunchiest fantasies…and be sure to bring your pen or your laptop!

Original work is preferred. There is no limit to the number of stories a single author can submit.

On the first page of your story include all contact information: Your name, your pen name (if using), your e-mail address, your physical address and your phone number. Also include a short bio.

Make sure your story has been edited and proofread.

Stories that do not adhere to the guidelines will not be considered.

Send submissions as .doc files to: with TBF2 and your STORY TITLE in the subject line.

Write to me with any questions:

Sloppy or poorly written stories will not be considered, replied to, or acknowledged!

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