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The Following Episode 10: Guilt

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With Jacob at the casa de serial killers, his fragile psyche is starting to quake as he dreams of Paul waking him up, healthy and shirtless, and a butchered Emma in the shower, covered with blood. Would this perhaps be a little foreshadowing? Either way, I just don’t think Jacob is strong enough to handle this, erm, lifestyle.

Follower Amanda Porter is in custody and giving up some crazy information to match her crazy personality. With Carroll breaking into Quantico to find out where Claire is, the FBI decides to move her. Hardy wants to be in charge of her safety, but Donovan won’t allow it.

Two Constitutional extremists are working with Carroll to find Claire, and Carroll commands Roderick to go with them, forsaking his job in the process. Joey is very happy to see Jacob. Emma wants to talk to Jacob, but he clearly doesn’t feel the same.

Claire is anxiously awaiting Hardy’s arrival, and after a brief, warm hug, she asks Hardy some hard hitting questions. He explains why they need to move her. The situation becomes tense when we see that the two extremists and Roderick are in the same hotel as Claire and Hardy. As they prepare to take Claire, the FBI watches them shooting and killing people wearing ski masks. Hardy takes Claire out the back door while an agent stays back. When they make it to Claire’s room, they easily take out the agent. Outside, Claire and hardy encounter one of the extremists near their car. Hardy fires on him, but he’s wearing a bulletproof vest. However, they are able to get away. Hardy quickly stops and gets rid of the tracking device on the car and destroys the SIM card in his phone, and speeds off with Claire.

At FBI headquarters, they were able to get face shots of the followers and they work on identifying them.

Hardy takes Claire to a friend, Tyson’s, house in Timblin, PA. Tyson has been in witness protection for four years, due to his involvement with a crime syndicate, and is otherwise considered dead. Tyson agrees to help protect Hardy and Claire. In a flashback to 2005, we see Tyson counseling Hardy not to publish his book, The Poetry of a Killer.

Joey tells Jacob that he misses his mom and when Carroll appears, Joey leaves without speaking. Carroll and Jacob catch up, and Carroll asks him to talk to Emma, encouraging their relationship. He defends Emma’s behaviors. When Carroll leaves, Jacob sees Paul telling him that Emma was a selfish bitch. Jacob’s visions are beginning to remind me a little of Rick on The Walking Dead and his visions of his wife.

The extremists have been identified as Vincent McKinley and Brock Wickford, and have both been products of abuse as children. Agent Parker finds out that Hardy didn’t go back to his home in Brooklyn and have disappeared.

Jacob goes to Emma, who is creepily sketching Carroll’s face. I mean, that’s normal, right? Anyway, Jacob pushes Emma, his resentment and anger guiding his emotions. She tries to convince him that she loves him, but will he take the bait? Probably. Jacob is weak.

Tyson tells Claire that Hardy tries to push people away, giving her something to relate to. She asks Tyson about Hardy’s romantic past. In another flashback in 2009, Hardy became close to a woman named Molly, but Hardy couldn’t make it happen. Or wouldn’t. Tyson tells Claire that she was the one Hardy was serious about. Claire finds a tag in her sweater, planted on her by one of Carroll’s people at the hotel. Now Carroll knows where they are. Tyson and Hardy prepare for a surprise visit from the cult.

I don’t think we should underestimate little Joey. He asks Emma some sharp questions about Carroll, and she guides his father to answer them. In a pathetic dad move, Carroll begins making s’mores. He purposefully messes them up so that Joey will help him make them; a forced awkward bonding moment follows. Joey wants to know when he will see his mom and Carroll tells him it will be really soon.

Claire confronts Hardy about why he left her eight years ago. This must be awkward moment night, because Claire gives Hardy a hypothetical ‘I love you’ that is answered with a hypothetical ‘I love you, too’.

Roderick, McKinley and Wickford are in the woods near Tyson’s house. When one of the extremists goes to look through a glass door, Tyson shoots him through the door. They know there are two left.

Back in the house, Hardy goes to check on Claire and hears a noise. He slinks thorugh the dark and finds Claire only to be answered with a knock at the door. Roderick is shouting through the door, trying to lure Claire outside. When Hardy goes to look, the other extremist knocks on a window. Tyson comes running and during a shoot out, he is shot. Things aren’t looking good as Hardy applies pressure to his abdomen. Hardy takes off at another noise and Claire follows behind him. She runs out of the house and goes to the followers, telling them to take her to her son. Hardy runs after and sees Claire in the backseat of the car as it leaves with her mouthing, “I love you”.

Jacob gets a nighttime visit from Emma who is still kissing his ass and proclaiming her love for him. It works and things get hot between Jacob and Emma.

Agent Parker and Donovan discover a hidden portal in Carroll’s website. A strange video of a person wearing one of the Poe masks appears asking for your email address. As I watched this, I realized I was expecting better quality since there are so many followers, surely one of them could do website design.

Jacob has another vision of Paul while him and Emma are having sex. He goes to the bathroom and tells Paul to leave him alone. Paul keeps telling Jacob to kill Emma, and he ends up slashing him with a knife and slits his throat. There is blood everywhere. But when Jacob walks back into the room, there is no blood, of course. He tells Emma that he killed Paul by suffocating him with a pillow. He’s finally killed, and it was his best friend, all because of Emma. He’s flipped because he now threatens Emma, telling her he has a real taste for killing and for her to watch her back now. Jacob is completely unstable now.

Hardy receives a call from Carroll when he’s in the hospital with Tyson. Carroll asks about Tyson, but Hardy threatens him about hurting Claire. Following this, Hardy tells Carroll that he’s quitting. Carroll won’t allow it saying he’s not quite yet the man he wants him to be.

As Hardy sits next to an unconscious Tyson, he remembers Tyson telling him that he’s close to Hardy and he’s not dead yet, thereby his death curse is invalid. But trying to reason with a person who believes he has an actual death curse is not that easy.

The last scene we see Molly going to Carroll’s house and meeting him with smiles. He knew who she was and she was, in fact, one of his followers. Oh how Carroll toys with Hardy.

Claire will finally be with Carroll, which isn’t good, but at the same time Joey will get his mommy back, which is. Emma has Jacob again, but Jacob is not the same guy she knew. And now he wants to kill her. Aww. Poor, sad Emma. Hardy is hoping his friend Tyson won’t die so that he will have the permission to cut loose from the death curse idea his lives by. I suppose we’ll have to wait to see what will happen next.

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