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The Following, episode 13, Havenport

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Sheriff Roderick is helping out the FBI right under Hardy’s nose. But one thing he didn’t count on was that Weston would be back. When Weston sees him, he pulls a gun on him. Roderick eyes him momentarily and was surprised to see him, banking on Weston being in the hospital. Roderick walks away and the rest of the sheriffs’ office pin down Weston as Roderick walks out the door. We learn that Roderick’s real name is Tim Nelson and he had Carroll as an advisor in college. Other than that he seemed like a well-rounded kid. Carroll blackens everything he touches.

Back at the mansion, Roderick busts in Carroll’s office and, holy crap, he’s actually crying because he knows Hardy will find out everything, including where their house is. Meanwhile, Roderick suggests they all leave the house in small groups. He’s totally cracking under pressure, but Carroll refuses to leave, saying it’s not time yet. Carroll seems to be hiding something. Roderick keeps on pushing Carroll and he takes it, all up until he mentions Claire. Carroll flips and chokes him out, only letting up at the last moment. Tell me how there couldn’t be mutiny now. Roderick feels that Carroll has lied to him and used him. Carroll stops to watch Hardy doing a press release on the news. Hardy plays hardball by stating to the media that if any of the cult followers would cooperate with the federal authorities they would receive full immunity for their crimes. The catch is they have to do it on this day only. Funny thing is, the FBI didn’t know he was going to do this. It’s a smart and gutsy move by Hardy. He’s trying to break up the cult, to turn them against each other. Carroll tries to give a quick pep talk, but his words don’t seem as enamored now.

Roderick leaves the mansion and loses his mind in the process, pushing Claire down and grabbing Joey on the way out. The two of them take off in his car, leaving Claire running after them. Poor Claire. She’s always losing Joey.

Carroll sends two men along with Jacob after Roderick. He gives them the order to bring Joey back, but kill Roderick.

Donovan is pissed that Hardy took it upon himself to do the press release, but Agent Parker helps to convince him it was the right thing to do.

Roderick has clearly lost his shit. He forces a waitress, Betty, to help him and the two of them attempt to leave the town. At a police block, Roderick is asked to step out of the car. And he shoots all of them, of course. Betty is extremely upset at Roderick’s display of crazy, and she stops the car and gets out just in time for the FBI to pull up. Hardy and Weston have Roderick finally.

What is up with Claire wearing all of the heavy makeup and black eyeliner at the house? I don’t much care for this look for her. Desperate, she tries to get Jacob, when he finds Joey, to take him far away, but he says he will do what Carroll wants him to.

In custody, Roderick wants to make a deal. Hardy wants to know where Joe is, and Roderick admits that he took Joey. Hardy doesn’t believe him, and Roderick tells him to call Carroll and find out. With Roderick’s phone, Hardy calls Carroll who is busy typing away on his novel. He’s clearly surprised when Hardy answers, and his usual smooth demeanor has turned short and choppy. Now that Roderick has a sweet bargaining tool, he wants his freedom for giving up Joey. Hardy is eager to get Joey back safe, but Donovan says no dice.

Hardy takes a risk by leaving the headquarters with Roderick in some stolen FBI clothing. But before Roderick will leave, he makes Hardy leave his weapons and cell phone behind. I think this is a pretty dumb move, but I’m hoping that Hardy knows what he’s doing.

Emma goes to Carroll, stressed about the FBI finding them and reporting that the followers feel the same. Carroll cuts off her advances, telling her that they are only having sex, it was never anything more than that. He goes on to blame Emma for Joey being taken. When she doubts his line of thinking, he hits her. He sure likes hitting people when he’s upset. Such a nice way to deal.

Roderick and Hardy end up at an old house in the dark, but it turns out that Hardy isn’t so blind about this situation after all when Weston climbs out of the car trunk. Weston calls Parker and gives her an update on where they are as Hardy and Roderick go inside the house. Hardy hears Joey in a closet and as he gets him out, Roderick pulls a gun. Weston runs inside and before he can shoot, Roderick is shot from someone outside in the dark. Hardy and Weston assume it was Carroll’s people who shot him and he was right. The two men Carroll sent and Jacob are outside in the snow. Weston and Joey split up to one side of the house and Hardy in another. Each are ambushed by Carroll’s two men and Joey finds a decaying body. With only Jacob left, he finds Joey and runs with him.

Again? This is getting ridiculous.

Hardy and Weston are outside in the woods chasing Jacob and Joey. Hardy tries to reason with him and as Jacob’s faltering, police lights and sirens are approaching. Joey begs him, crying, to be let go. All of it gets to Jacob as he runs and leaves Joey behind. Is Joey finally safe? That poor kid’s been through hell. At least he recognizes Hardy for being one of the ‘good guys’.

It’s a nice scene with Hardy carrying the small Joey through a crowd of people. Claire watches it on television in tears. Carroll is extremely bitter with Hardy now.

Emma visits Jacob who’s back at the mansion now and he tells her with big tears that they’re going to die soon. Carroll is furiously typing away at his novel when Claire comes in, ready to make a deal. She says she’ll stay under one condition – that he gives up Joey. He doesn’t believe her, but she makes a good case. Surely Claire is up to something. I don’t think she could just leave her son. She’s pretty damn convincing, though, telling Carroll she thinks she can love him again. But all is revealed when she stabs him as they are in a sweet embrace. Claire is then grabbed by some followers and dragged upstairs as Carroll falls to the ground.

Hardy gets a phone call from Carroll, who tells him their story has taken an unexpected turn. He babbles on about rewrites and how Claire is no longer the leading lady. He finally announces it’s time for Claire to die. Now Hardy is at ends. A woman asks to speak to Hardy, claiming she’s one of the followers and wants to turn herself in. But when Donovan turns, she attacks him, stabbing him in the eye before she is shot.

There’s only two more episodes left and the preview for next week looks pretty interesting, alluding to a possible suicide pact with Carroll and his followers, and that Hardy will witness Claire’s death. I don’t particularly see Carroll taking the easy way out, but maybe his wound has taken a turn for the worse. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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