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The Following Episode 6: The Fall

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Picking up where episode five left off, “The Fall” starts off with an unhinged Paul holding a gun to Hardy’s head just as he had found Joey. Jacob and Emma bust in and are obviously losing their cool as they try to formulate a plan to leave. Hardy calmly tells them that the police, FBI, and other enforcement are all outside and that they will not make it out alive.

Meanwhile, Charlie Mead takes Claire to a large building where she hopes to see her son. Instead, it appears to be the FBI headquarters. In a flashback, we see Charlie meeting with Carroll in prison. Charlie had been discharged from the armed forces for psychiatric reasons. He has a history of homicide and with his militaristic personality, Carroll sees him as a big asset. Claire sees a folder filled with surveillance pictures of herself and Charlie tells her he’s her follower.

The backup have arrived at the farmhouse and Hardy starts to play head games with Paul and Jacob when they go to tie him up, agitating their already fragile state. Emma drugs Joey and Hardy plays it cool and confident, prompting Emma to use a taser on Hardy, affecting his pacemaker.

News and media are lined up near the farmhouse, along with the police and FBI. Weston tracks their cyber activity, but it’s encrypted. Emma is starting to panic, but Jacob shows confidence that they will make it out of this. Back in Richmond, Carroll is meeting with his lawyer again. She updates him and demands to know what’s going on. Carroll blames her message for putting a plan in action to abduct his wife. Carroll’s effectively blackmailing her to keep up with what’s going on outside the prison walls.

Hardy continues to mess with the cult trio, but when Emma brings Megan upstairs and uses the taser on her, Hardy crumbles. At Emma’s insistence, Ryan calls the FBI. She is trying to force him to tell them to back off, threatening that if they don’t back off she will kill Megan and Hardy. Agent Parker appeals to Emma by trying to relate to her mother complex. Hardy calls Jacob out on his heterosexual status amping up the tension between Paul and Jacob. Agent Parker believes Emma is traumatized by killing her mother. According to Parker, “parental influence defines us.” In a flashback to 2004, we see Parker in Iowa. She’s been estranged from her family for 15 years. A flashback to 1989 shows even younger Parker in what looks to be an abusive situation between her and her father. This gives us a little insight into Parker and a little background and depth of character.

Charlie shows Claire the notes he made while he watched her for two years. He tells her that Carroll loves her very much and wanted to keep up with her while he was in prison. He even has video of her sleeping. Emma didn’t know about Charlie and he explains that everyone has their own part in this novel, and Claire is his part.

The FBI seems to be making good on their promise by having the police back away from the farmhouse. Hardy catches on to the strange sexual situation between the three of them and has more to use against them as Paul is outwardly struggling. Emma calls Agent Parker back and admits to missing her mother. She explains why she killed her mother by saying how she’s in control now, but Parker points out that she’s not in control, that Carroll controls her. Emma becomes defensive and hangs up.

Hardy starts in on Jacob, inciting a rage where Jacob attempts to strangle Megan just to prove he can kill her. But during this moment, Hardy has acquired a knife and starts to go to work on the ropes around his hands.

The FBI has tracked a message about Claire. Charlie calls Roderick and Claire tries to run away but is caught.

Emma gets a phone call and announces that everything is good. Paul begs to know what the phone call was about and Emma tells him to relax. He attacks Hardy when he harangues him.

Claire questions Charlie and shakes him up. He remembers updating Carroll about Claire’s whereabouts and we see that Charlie was starting to fall for her. The memory causes him to kiss Claire. Immediately after, he punishes himself by banging his head into the wall.

At the farmhouse, Paul panics when Emma takes too long to get Joey. It turns out she’s left the house with Joey, and Hardy cuts his restraints, stabbing Paul and punching Jacob. He lets Megan out of the house and Jacob can’t leave because there are guns pointed at him from outside. Hardy calls Weston and tells him that Emma is outside running away with Joey. A man shows up and shoots the FBI members who were on the lawn. Weston and a female cop find Emma and Joey, but the female cop shoots Weston and takes Emma and Joey, saying she’s with Roderick. FBI swarms the building with Claire and Charlie.

Agent Parker gives the command to take the house down knowing only Paul and Jacob are in there. Gunshots pepper the house and the FBI bust in, only to be shot by other FBI who are part of the cult and tell Paul and Jacob to leave. Hardy comes up on an unconscious Weston. Reviving him, he shows Hardy where to go. An exhausted Hardy shoots the female cop, but Emma is able to escape in a car with Joey as Hardy’s heart condition overwhelms him.

Jacob stops a truck and beats up the driver, stealing the truck and escaping with a very injured Paul.

It’s apparent that Carroll’s cult is more far reaching than the FBI had expected. Hardy deals with his disappointment in not getting Joey with a moment of emotions.

Agent Parker’s memories show that her parents were probably part of a cult themselves, which explains her specialty. In a flashback from 2004, she tells her parents she came back to say that she loved them. In the older memory, we see her mother force her to go back into her father’s bedroom as a child, implying sexual abuse linked to the cult.

Carroll tells his lawyer it’s now time for the next part of the story. Next we see the lawyer in another press release stating that the FBI has abused Carroll. Hardy shows up at Claire’s house without Joey. Hardy holds a distraught Claire, a panicked and desperate Jacob calls Emma, who hangs up in silence, and a badly wounded Paul holds onto Jacob as he applies pressure to his wound.

With tensions building and the plot twists increasing, I have to wonder, what will happen next?

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