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The Walking Dead: Crossed

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Walking Dead Crossed

This episode of The Walking Dead set up the pins for the mid-season finale. Where is the priest going? Is Eugene ok? How will the hospital battle end up?

We’ve leaped ahead in time, the day after Daryl and Noah return to the church. Everyone leaves to rescue Carol and Beth except Carl and Michonne, who stay barricaded in the church with the priest. This splits this episode into three plotlines, which is fine. The one at the church was the briefest. The priest is still sort of a fop. The noise of barricading and crying Judith seems to drive him nuts, and he goes all Lady MacBeth trying to scrub blood off the floor.

Carl and Michonne both try to toughen him up a little, so he takes a machete and a nap. But he actually goes and pries up the floorboards and escapes into the woods. I have no idea why he felt he needed to escape secretly, where he thinks he’s going, or anything, really. He steps on a nail, gets attacked by a zombie, and in unable to kill it because it used to be a church lady.

Meanwhile, Abraham is still catatonic and Eugene is comatose. Glen, Rosita, and Tera go foraging for water. Rosita can make a water filter (which she learned from Eugene). Glen sees fish, so they make nets and catch some. Tera recovers some tools and a yoyo. There’s a somewhat triumphant feeling as they trudge back to the firetruck, where Maggie’s snapped Abe out of it and Eugene seems to have just woken up.

The meat of the episode was the mission to raid the hospital. Before I get into the plot, let’s talk about the AMAZING zombie effects in this episode. The church lady zombie in the woods was great, but those half-melted, pulped, destroyed zombies where they fought the cops were the absolute best zombies this show has ever done. Disgusting splattered bodies, flesh partly fused to the blacktop…this is the FEMA evacuation camp that was bombed by the Air Force in the early days of the apocalypse. These zombies were napalmed.

Then we get Daryl fighting the meathead cop, with milky-eyed zombies chomping their teeth milimeters from his face. And he puts his fingers into a zombie’s eyeholes like a freaking BOWLING BALL and bashed the cop in the head with the zombie skull!



That was unforgettable.

The rest was some solid action. Rick has a commando plan to invade the hospital stealth assassin style. Tyrese wants to lure some cops out, capture them, then do a prisoner swap. Daryl likes this plan, and Rick is a reasonable man, so that’s how it goes down. There’s a complication when a second car with a third cop shows up, but they eventually capture all three.

Back at the hospital, Beth is working to keep Carol alive against the odds. For some reason Dawn helps her by giving her the key to the medicine cabinet. There’s a complication to the rescue/prisoner swap, since Carol apparently still needs serious medical care.

Everyone heads off to arrange the deal, and Sasha is a dolt and falls for one of the cops’ sad story about wanting his old friend’s zombie permakilled. Instead he head butts Sasha and knocks her out, then escapes. Welp.

Hard to say how this is all going to shake out next week.

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