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The Walking Dead: Them

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Here we are, back again, for another episode of the top zombie survival show on television. That’s right, American Idol. Just kidding, this is The Walking Dead. Episode 510, entitled “Them.” Hopefully, it will include giant radioactive ants, but I doubt it. This will include spoilers though. MAJOR SPOILERS INSIDE!

Are those Noah’s eyes? Nope, Glenn? Wrong again. It’s Maggie, obviously distraught over Beth’s demise, which has been amplified by Tyreese biting it. “Excuse me, can I talk to you about our Lord and Savior…” “Not while I am grieving, you ass!” Stabby head time for that walker.

I guess there is a food shortage, since Daryl is chowing down on worms. A drought, as well, judging by all the dead frogs in the dried out streambed. They all look tired and sweaty.

“It’s been a day and a half.” Since they had a drink? Likely.

Cue the music for those wonderful credits.

It looks like Rick & Co. have been leapfrogging with cars till they run out of gas in each. Then they walk, and walk, and walk, and walk some more. It’s been three weeks since Atlanta and they are out of food and water, not to mention motivation.

Carol and Daryl are back at it again, heading off to hunt. Carl gives Maggie a busted music box. Just what a girl wants. A piece of junk you found while looking for what you actually need, water.

Father Gabriel is bitching about his vestments being hot and itchy, comparing his shirt to the old Catholic concept of hair shirts. Hair shirts? Maggie says she knows about them, since her daddy told her about them. It is understandable that the priest might know about them, but I can’t see Herschel telling the girls about them. Gabriel is feeling the pressure of their situation, especially on his faith. Maggie is obviously in the Anger stage of mourning, as she snaps at the priest..

Our group doesn’t look that different from the mass of walkers coming up behind them. They are all stumbling down the country road, living and dead alike.

Sisters are wanting to do it for themselves, but Michonne comes to their senses. Sasha wants to be pro-active and take out the walkers, but they are all low on energy and that would be wasteful.

Cut to Caryl traipsing though a field, looking for something to eat. Carol presents Darryl Beth’s knife, telling him that she knew that Beth would want him to have it. She really wants the big guy to let it all out, but he keeps it bottled up tight, like a good ol’ boy should. Awww, a kiss on the forehead, just like mama used to.

Time to form the Bridge Gauntlet! Can the walkers make it through? Throwing them over the bridge seemed to be working quite well until Sasha loses her shit. “The plan just got dicked.” Big Red aka Abraham sure nailed that one. They power through the group, burning precious energy. It looks like they might be boned, when Darryl pops up to save the day, ripping the top of a walker’s head off. Michonne tries to calm Sasha down. Well, she did almost stab the sword-swinging goddess, but M stopped her, just in time for a commercial.

They see us strollin’, they waitin’. A bunch of cars on the side of the country road, that is. A quick search of the interior of one leads Maggie to try the trunk. Blonde walker lady tied up in the trunk? Sounds like it must be Eminem’s car. Never mind, that’s not Kim in there. Just a poor girl, who was kidnapped when she died, or so I guess.

The trunk walker thumping on the lid pisses Maggie off so badly, that when she can’t get the trunk to open, she’s ready to waste precious ammo on it. Thankfully, Glenn stops her and works his magic on the trunk lock, allowing him to silence her tormentor. Tempers are running a bit thin, apparently.

Darryl finds a dead deer and a dead walker. It looks like he is wondering if he can get away with eating that long dead deer. Then he realizes this is Walking Dead, not Naked and Afraid, much to the many fangirls’ remorse.

No, Rick, I didn’t find shit. After a brief discussion about whether things can get worse, they announce that the only fluids they found were liquor. They have stopped caring about survival skills, considering Abraham is swigging a bottle of whiskey, they get a visitor, rather a group of visitors.

PUPPIES!!! Ok, sure, they are full-grown German Shepherds and Dobermans, but PUPPIES!!! They growl and bark their way into dinner, becoming dinner that is, letting Sasha get some frustration out, while providing food. A dog is a fine meal, or so it has been said. Duke is anyway.

In a moment, obviously meant to telegraph their descent into continued darkness, Father Gabriel burns the white tab from his priest’s collar, under the watchful eye of Maggie. They sure are spending a lot of time on Sasha and Maggie losing control this week. I wonder if that means something. Nah, probably not. The same as focusing on Tyreese last week meant nothing.

“How about you just talk to me?” I don’t think you really want that, Glenn. It sounds like losing Beth has made Maggie want to give up fighting. Luckily, she has a boyfriend who won’t let her give up.

Having a similar conversation, Sasha and Abraham talk about whether the whiskey will make things worse. Sure there have been many times where booze made everything better, but by the end of the night, it sure got worse. “The way you’re going, you’re what’s gonna make things worse.” Sure he may have been Ty’s friend, but Sasha’s having none of it. “I’m not your friend,” Sasha snaps at Big Red. Got it, loud and clear.

Ever the loner, Daryl ignores Glenn’s pleas to stay together, he heads off for a quick smoke and to ponder the barn across the way. Wow, dude, emo much? You’re doing poorly that burning yourself is the answer? I guess so, since he finally let himself cry. We’ll let you cry it out while we go watch some commercials.

Water ‘from a friend’, and they can’t even drink it. If you try, Abraham will smack you. Eugene was willing to take one for the team, a water bottle that is. Abraham smacks the bottle out of poor Eugene’s hand. He just wanted people to wait, since he obviously did a rain dance during the commercial break. Sasha, Maggie and Daryl are still some cold bitches. A storm rolls in, allowing Tara to sprawl on the pavement, soaking in as much of the water as she can. I don’t know if she is going for a wet t-shirt contest, or a sponge impression. As the bottom drops out of the sky, Daryl leads the group to his contemplation barn for shelter. Perhaps it is a Bedding Barn.

When Maggie finds the walker locked away, she comments that the walker had a gun, and she could have shot herself. Carol points out that some people can’t give up, like them. I don’t know about you, Carol, but it sure looks like Maggie is giving up.

A parenting discussion, about Coral, I mean Carl, growing up in the zombocalypse, leads to Rick sharing the tale of his grandfather’s Bushido-like mindset of going to war. It was a lovely campfire story, just not what I am used to. I really prefer the Hook Hand Slasher.

“We do what we need to do, and then we get to live…We are the Walking Dead.” It only took five seasons for someone to get it? Thanks Rick. Apparently, Daryl doesn’t agree on the walking dead point, emphatically stating, “We ain’t them.” Rick and Daryl agree, No, we aren’t. Not at all.

It was a dark and stormy night, with lots of atmospheric lightning. That can’t be good. Nope, no it isn’t. A zombie horde descends on the barn, with only Daryl to hold them off. Okay, Daryl and Maggie hold the door closed until everyone else finally notices all the moaning. Together they desperately push on the doors, while the massed zombies force the doors open.

Never mind, it was only a bad dream Maggie was having. Of course, it was. We don’t get to have an epic battle when they are so weak. After looking around, she goes to relieve Daryl so he can sleep. They agree that both Tyreese and Beth were tough, when Daryl gives Maggie her music box back, cleaned and ready to go. Did he take it while she was sleeping?

That must have been one hell of a storm that came through, knocking down trees and walkers alike. Maggie and Sasha go off to watch the sunrise and discuss their future, since they are both so deep in despair. Apparently, Daryl didn’t do such a good job on the music box, since the ballerina doesn’t spin and the music doesn’t play when Maggie opens it for Sasha. “You’ve gotta be kidding me,” she says, putting it down

Enter Stranger Danger Aaron, their mysterious friend, a very clean and well-dressed man. “I have good news,” he say cheerfully, as the ballerina starts dancing with her tinkling accompaniment. I can only imagine what the news is. Well, it will have to until next week, since this week’s episode is now over. Talk about leaving us hanging.

Will they continue fighting? What is Aaron’s news? Why is he so clean? Will Abraham have a hangover from all the booze? We’ll find out next week.

The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead

Michael Cudlitz as Abraham  - The Walking Dead _

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