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The Walking Dead: Forget

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Welcome back to’s weekly recap of The Walking Dead. It could actually be titled The Chatting Dead this week, because there certainly seems to be a lot of small talk happening around town.

This week’s episode is titled Forget. What, of all the horrible things that have needed to be done, are we trying to forget? Chopping Gareth into tiny pieces? Shooting you mother in the head because she was dying? Arguing over the color of a stupid dress? I wish I could forget that damnable thing.

Reminder as always, there will be spoilers, as well as snark, ahead. Enter at your own risk!

After a quick refresher about the taming of our party from last week, we get the reminder that Rick isn’t so tame, as he talks about taking over the town at the end of the last episode.

So it appears insomnia is hitting Sasha too. She keeps staring at the photos of the former residents of her new house. Apparently, she is planning on hunting, while Olivia, the keeper of the armory is dreaming of cell phones, prosciutto, and pickles. Well, it turns out the only thing she is hunting are the ghosts in the pictures. A lot of ammo and shattered glass later, she settles into her brother’s mindset of “Come and get me,” as the opening credits roll.

Rick, Carol, and Daryl seem to be planning their coup d’état by the old shack. Librarian Carol unloads on a roaming walker, stating that she couldn’t come back with a full magazine. She also comments about the window just having a latch. Maybe this is more than an old shack. Rick also makes note that one of the dead walkers has a W carved into its forehead, the same as the ones at Noah’s dad’s place. Could be the Wolves they warned us about? I think it is likely.

Michonne appears to have modified her new uniform, with lacing up the back and her ever-present katana. She discusses Deanna’s plans with Rick, trying to out think their new host. How difficult will the takeover be? Are they even going to give Alexandria a chance, or just make it over into their own little Woodbury? Governor Grimes does have a nice ring to it, after all.

Daryl finds Aaron skulking around the trees, under the pretense of rabbit hunting, while Daryl knows he is being followed. He is asked that, since Daryl can tell living and dead apart by sound, if he can tell a good guy from a bad guy, as Rick can’t. Wow, bitchy much, Aaron?

Cut to Deanna giving a speech about the foundation of a new government, with Rick and Michonne as the beginnings of the police force, and Maggie by her side. Sasha volunteers for as many clock tower lookouts as possible, since there hasn’t been one. Deanna shoots it down for now, as she wants everyone at a welcoming dinner at her home that night. It is usually an empty rifle, but is manned occasionally. I think it is manned all the time, and Deanna is misleading our new constabulary force, seeing what they will do.

Cut to the front porch circle of yattering hens. Carol looks so uncomfortable chatting about recipes with the ladies, until she scurries off to conspire with Rick, to bring their plans to life. They agree that Daryl is useless, as he is under constant scrutiny. It seems that since everyone is to be at Deanna’s place, something might be going down. She will unlock the window latch and if it is found and relocked, she’ll just keep doing it.

Commercials ensue, giving us a break from one block of chatting with another block of chattering.

Aaron seems to want to chat about Buttons, the lovely well-fed horse and how they could never catch him. Apparently, whoever has been cutting the grass has also been feeding Buttons. So, of course, Daryl tries to play Horse Whisperer, but as he creeps up on the horse, walkers appear and ruin the moment.

After a brief chat with Olivia about using applesauce to replace eggs, she gets her quarter bar of chocolate from the weapon’s master and pantry clerk. Carol also chats with our new friend Tobin about guns, as she plays the innocent little lady, who happened to have a rifle outside the walls, but really didn’t use it much. She turns on her charms and Tobin seems taken in, while she surreptitiously unlocks the window. Tobin? When I was growing up, the only Tobin I knew about was when Egon Spengler would reference Tobin’s Spirit Guide in Ghostbusters. Then in the last decade or so, I found Tobin Bell, the Big Bad from Saw. Why did this guy need to be a Tobin? He looks more like a Larry.

We go back to Aaron trying so hard to be friendly with Daryl, who is not the chatty type. After much talk about nothing, he pushes Daryl to go to the party. Once again, the redneck s having none of it, “I’ve seen a lot of bad shit and a lot of bad people.”

The party seems to be getting a good turnout, Carl looking around the house. Rosita and Abraham show up, looking a bit nervous until she points out the beer. Abraham seems to like the idea of beer and trots off, while Deanna’s husband kisses Rick’s ass a bit. If this guy were brown-nosing our Georgian sheriff any harder, Rick would need a proctologist to remove him.

Back to Aaron and Daryl, still pursuing Buttons, trap the horse in a fenced in pasture that also just happens to be containing a number of walkers. Daryl claims the ones on the far side of the field, and goes trotting off. Really? Joe’s dead, Daryl. You don’t have to lay claim to everything you want. Just take it! Aaron follows Daryl, like a puppy. Sure, it is a crack shot puppy, but never the less; He trots off after him, only to trip over a downed walker. A quick swing from his machete and Aaron has freed his ankle the zombie was clinging to. Not one to be shown up, Daryl stomps its head flat, while grabbing another walker and impaling its head on the ribs of a dead cow. Hopping back up, Aaron pops off another, just on time for Buttons to be taken down horribly by the micro-horde. Looking at each other, Daryl claims the ones on the right.

And off we go to another block of ads.

We return to Daryl taking out one of the few remaining horse eaters, then giving Aaron his shot for the last one. “He always ran,” Aaron says about the horse. Well, not this time, buddy.

Cut to Glenn, Maggie and Noah chatting at the party, as the happy couple refuse to let Noah bail. We see Daryl gazing through the window at the party, before leaving. He is stopped by Aaron, who commends him on ‘trying’ to go to the party, since it is the thought that count before inviting him for some “pretty serious spaghetti.” With a ‘fuck it’ look, he heads up the sidewalk, for dinner with the Unambiguously Gay Duo.

Olivia strolls into the party, giving the Carol her sign to raid the armory. She leaves Rick to the mercy of Jessie and her husband, Pete. After an awkward doctor joke, Pete leaves his wife with the handsome new cop, to get refills on their drinks. She comments on the view, to which Rick looks at Abraham, Rosita and Tara, He agrees, not about the same thing.

Rick glances over at his son, collecting on a video game bet. When her son Sam comes over and says Rick doesn’t have a stamp. The kid takes a huge rubber stamp and puts an upside down red A, for Alexandria maybe, on his hand. She tells Rick that he is officially “one of us,” before heading off after Sam. A nice big Scarlet Letter for ya, Rick!

More fucking commercials. You gotta pay the bills, I guess.

Sasha enters the event and meets Deann’s ruggedly handsome son, Spencer but is put off by his chatter about Mrs. Neidermeyer and her desire for a pasta maker. As Sasha leaves the frame, we go to Daryl at his dinner with Aaron and Eric, who just happens to be talking about Mrs. Neidermeyer and her pasta maker, pleading for Daryl to look for one when he is outside of the walls. After a bit more chatting, Eric brings up that Aaron didn’t ask.

They stroll out to a garage full of motorcycle parts. Aaron asks Daryl to assemble a bike for himself, because he will need one as Alexandria’s new recruiter. He once again brings up Daryl’s ability to tell good people from bad people. “It’ll give me something to do. Thanks,” Daryl says, “I’ll get you some rabbits.” Aaron seems so thrilled at the thought of getting rabbits as payment for a motorcycle. I wish I could pay for my car with rodents. I’d be the Pied Fucking Piper of South Florida, if I could.

Michonne and Abraham are chatting on the porch about how they should try to relax but they also can’t. Michonne replies by questioning his sobriety.

Carol slips in through the armory window and, after grabbing another chunk of chocolate, starts raiding the armory, when she is caught by Sam. Carol tells him she will bake him his own batch of cookies, but he can’t tell his mom. When he says he tells his mom everything, she gets a very cool, creepy tone to her voice. “You can never tell anyone, especially your mom,” she begins as she threatens to abduct him, tie him to a tree and let the walkers eat him alive. Holy shit, Carol got really fucking dark there. Eaten alive or cookies? A close counterpart to “Cake or death?” so it works, but is still oh so wrong.

Jessie comes up to Rick, carrying Judith, while Rick says he gets that Alexandria isn’t that bad. He takes his baby girl before Jessie gives him an odd look and walks away.

Sasha seems to be having trouble taking in the mindless banality of the party, as she starts flashing back on all the deaths, especially Tyreese. She snaps on the woman who asks what she wants for her welcoming meal, because the woman says she is worried about making the wrong thing. “That’s what you’re worried about?” Sasha screams at the crowd.

Commercials, including that fucking Apartments commercial with Jeff GoldJobsMoy

Deanna strolls up to Sasha at the gate where Sasha tells her that the community isn’t real but Deanna literally calls bullshit on her.

Librarian Carol divvies up her loot with Rick and Daryl outside he wall, saying that while they don’t need them right now, they may. Rick tucks a snubnose revolver under the back of his jacket.

Cut to Deputy Michonne hanging her katana over the fireplace, as we go back to our Dissenting Trio coming back inside the wall. Jessie and her hubby say hi, while Rick reaches for he snubnose under his jacket. Once they are out of sight, he heads for the wall, leaning his ear against it, gingerly caressing it, as we end the episode. WTF, Rick?

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