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The Walking Dead, Season 4 Episode 12

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For a particularly creepy opening, Daryl and Beth come busting out of the bushes on a dark, ominous night where zombies are not far behind them. They stumble upon an old, abandoned piece of crap car and shut themselves in the trunk as the zombies shamble all around them and thunder rumbles on in the distance. They somehow wait it out all night with Daryl training his crossbow at the sliver of light while he holds the trunk shut with a towel. Good grief. This scene made me exhausted. At daybreak, like good little soldiers they scavenge anything they can and head back off for another day.

As they set up camp, a seasoned Beth starts a fire with the car’s rearview mirror. Pretty brilliant, if you ask me. Since squirrel lunch wasn’t happening, Daryl being the badass he is, stalked and killed a rattlesnake, skinned it and lunch was on. Daryl isn’t rattled, heh, see what I did there, when Beth asks for a drink of alcohol. Annoyed by his silence, she goes off on her own. Dumb dumb DUMB. What comes up next, but a group of walkers. Can Beth handle them? She tries to throw a rock to distract them, but one keeps coming her way. Armed with her knife, she is ready to attack, but the zombie turns away at the last minute. Daryl is right there after all. He takes Beth back to their makeshift camp, but she’s not having it and leaves.

Beth finds herself at a golf course, Daryl tagging along, in search of a drink. Another storm looms (foreshadowing anyone?) and a small group of zombies shambles toward them as they break in a building to find a drink. What they find instead is an area of horror and what looks like a mass suicide. Zombies hang from the ceiling and corpses are on the floor. Beth and Daryl walk deeper into the darkness of this mysterious building, making their way from the zombies that have followed them. Beth finds a bottle, but a zombie jumps out at her, requiring her to sacrifice her libations for her safety. We do get to see Beth taking care of herself and taking down a zombie without Daryl’s help. I admit, I’m kinda impressed. This dimly lit, eerie building they’re in has plenty of dead bodies, fresh clothing and as a bonus, a hideous half mannequin, half corpse woman that has been desecrated. Beth wants to take her down out of respect, but Daryl throws a sheet over her. Next, they find themselves faced with more walkers, but Daryl goes apeshit and takes out his apocalyptic frustrations out by bashing in some walker heads. Once the room is cleared, they make it to the end of the building, which is the dining and bar area, where Beth finds just what she was looking for. Peach schnapps. Daryl gives a go at throwing some darts. Beth is apprehensive about taking that first drink and before you know it she’s crying. Memories of her father, one would think. Daryl walks over and bashes the bottle telling her that he won’t have her first drink being peach schnapps, then he opens the door for them to leave. Ah, chivalry.

Daryl takes Beth to a place he has previously found with Michonne. It’s little more than a shack, but he claims it’s better than a liquor store and hands Beth a crate full of moonshine. When Daryl gives her a glass, she hesitantly takes the first drink then soon empties the glass and goes for more. Daryl refuses any, saying he has to stand guard. It turns out this house is a lot like his dad’s house. Daryl does eventually give in and take a drink with Beth. Are these two setting up to make a couple?

Let the drinking games commence! It’s quite hilarious to think of Daryl participating in a drinking game, but he goes right with it, at least at first. I guess this is one way for Beth to learn about Daryl, seeing as how he’s so quiet all the time now, and, in general. She’s still trying to figure out what Daryl did before the apocalypse, like all of us, but he’s onto her game, and a little lit, and now he’s not looking so nice. Daryl throws a fit, and we see how he really looks at Beth’s priviledged upbringing, or better yet, a glimpse into his own brutal past. Liquor wasn’t such a good idea after all. He’s mean and he’s pissed. He takes her outside to do target practice on a zombie. Emotions are running high and we finally get to hear Daryl’s thoughts on how everything at the prison went down. He carries a lot of guilt about it. And Daryl finally cries. First Michonne, now Daryl. Question is, can we handle tears from Daryl? The writers are definitely giving us more insight into characters.

There were more revelations tonight as Daryl reveals that before the apocalypse he had simply been hanging with Merle, drifting, doing nothing. Well, that’s it. No big secret. Huh. But would it have been satisfying to hear that he had been a bouncer, a mechanic, a drug dealer? Nah, probably not. Now we know he was just wandering around, raising hell with Merle, no goal, no clear future. At least in the apocalypse he’s found out that he’s a valuable and needed guy, strong and capable.

Beth and Daryl have a heart to heart as they drink together that night and Beth tells him that he will be the last man standing, and he will miss her when she’s gone. She encourages him to burn the house down as a symbol of letting his bad memories and his bad life before go. In a sort of cheery ending, Beth and Daryl douse the house in alcohol and light it up. Wouldn’t that attract a shit ton of zombies? Oh well, what the hell. It’s only in the middle of the night during a zombie apocalypse. In a heart jerking moment, they stand in front of the flaming house, flipping birds.

The Walking Dead 412

Walking Dead Darryl Dixon

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