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Thomas M. Sipos

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Thomas M. Sipos was born in Queens, NY, graduated from New York University’s film school, and eventually moved to Los Angeles. He studied writing at UCLA Extension, where he also taught a course.

Thomas M. Sipos is primarily an author. But he is also an actor (almost mandatory if you live in Los Angeles County), and a film festival founder and director. In addition to writing, he founded and manages the Tabloid Witch Awards horror film contest and festival.

Thomas M. Sipos has studied comedy improv at The Groundlings and Upfront Comedy, and acting at various New York and Los Angeles venues. He’s performed skit comedy and comedy improv on stage in Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Santa Monica. He’s also appeared in many short films, and two features. He belongs to SAG and AFTRA.

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web site: Communist Vampires and Tabloid Witch and Horror Film Aesthetics
books on Amazon: Thomas M. Sipos

Thomas M. Sipos

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