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True Blood Season 6, Episode 10

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It’s the season six finale and it could go any way. What will Sookie do about marrying Warlow? What happens to Bill after losing most of his blood? Where did Eric go? All of this and more is revealed tonight.

As Terry is put into the grave, Sookie takes a walk with a very fine-looking Alcide. Let’s face it, is he ever anything but? They share a tender moment but are interrupted when Alcide smells the day walking vamps as they come back to Bill’s house. It’s straight up euphoria as they strip, fuck and enjoy the sun. Sookie goes to see what’s up leaving an apprehensive Alcide behind. She wanders upon Jason getting fed on by Violet who grows jealous at her sight. Pam, all smiles and giddy, runs up and hugs Sookie, and Tara follows. It’s actually a sweet reunion between them. The vampires all seem truly happy for their solar luxury. One interesting shot is with Bill watching Sookie from a window in his house, looking upset. Is the great Bilith really not wanting her to marry someone else?

Sookie returns to Warlow who is decorating the fairy world in preparation for their upcoming wedding that will involve a maypole and their fairy lights. It seems that Sookie and Warlow are soul mates. Aww. But it still doesn’t seem right. Sookie asks Warlow to date her. It all sounds sweet until Warlow pulls rank and clocks Sookie, proving he’s in charge.

Jason is showing off his volleyball skills, effectively impressing Jessica when Violet bristles up and hits Jessica with the ball hard enough to knock her over. Pam watches on and tells Tara that she’s going after Eric. Tara is left to watch over Willa.

Bill no longer has any of his special abilities since he lost most of his blood. He admits to Jessica that he sacrificed Sookie for Warlow’s blood. Jessica encourages him to go get Sookie, but he thinks he’s too late. When Jason finds out he is enraged and wants to save Sookie. Bill says they will need Adelaide’s light to help them enter the fairy world.

Bill glamours Takahashi to forget he ever met him or the other vamps and leaves him with a sweet bag of cash.

Adelaide agrees to help Sookie because she relates to Sookie and their shared telepathic powers. Andy and Jason arm themselves with vamp weapons as they get ready to enter the cemetery where Warlow has bound Sookie onto the maypole. Sookie threatens to throw her light away because Warlow wants a fairy vampire bride, but he restrains her more and admits he only wants to use her. The rescue party arrives just as Warlow starts to feed on Sookie in order to change her. Adelaide freaks out but when Violet intentionally scares her, she gives them the light to enter. Bill wrestles Warlow and Violet carries Sookie away, but not before Bill throws Warlow onto a statue, impaling him. Bill asks the group to leave without him and they go to Sookie’s house. Bill catches a ride back to the human world with Warlow and Sookie receives Violet’s blood to heal her. Warlow uses Andy to enter Sookie’s house. He throws the light at Violet and Jason, then when Bill arrives with a wooden stake, he can’t come in because his invitation had been revoked. Andy, Jason and Adelaide are sealed into the underground vamp room and Violet’s unconscious. Warlow finds Sookie in the bathroom where Niall crosses through the portal and Jason, freed by Adelaide’s light work, stakes Warlow. Now a pile of goo, Warlow is a threat no more, and Niall is safely pulled from the portal. It all seems a little too good to be true, though…

With Warlow dead, the day walking effects of his blood is gone.

Cut to Eric sunbathing in the nude on a snowy mountaintop in Sweden. He begins to burn (FULL FRONTAL SHOT HERE) and quickly falls down in flames.

It’s now six months later and boy howdy has Bon Temps changed, along with everybody in it. A news report explains that new cases of hepatitis V are still being reported, but there’s a special guest by way of Bill and his best selling new book, “And God Bled”. He arrogantly says he was God before and he also admits to killing the governor. The reporter points out that his book is a written admission to the murder. Bill counters with the hep V argument. Sookie watches the interview from home where a topless and clean-cut Alcide comes in and carries her to bed. Wow. Didn’t see that coming. But down in the vamp lair under the house, Jason is going down on Violet. We soon find out that he’s been doing this for six months without her letting him have any satisfaction. He expresses his frustration, understandably, but she has him back at it in no time. Poor Jason isn’t getting any.

Alcide and Sookie are going to church where Sam and Andy are discussing politics. They are taking blood samples at the church. Sam is now mayor and he tells the congregation just why they are doing blood tests. It’s to check for hep V carriers. There are small bands of infected vamps that are roaming the countryside, and the people are scared. Sam asks for the uninfected people to engage in a monogamous feeding relationship with an uninfected vampire in exchange for the vampires’ protection for their families. The people interested are supposed to show up at what is now called Bellefleur’s Bar and Grill for a mixer to connect with a vampire protector. Arlene is there, shockingly. Tara’s mother takes her to the side and apologizes for her actions. In a strange twist, she admits that she forgot to feed her for days on end sometimes and now she wants to feed Tara with her blood. Tara takes her up on her offer.

Adelaide and Andy are watching TV when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Jessica. She’s come to offer her protection to them, with no strings attached. She’s trying to atone for his deceased daughters. He threatens to shoot her, but doesn’t. Instead, he shuts the door on her.

Bill shows up at the mixer and asks Alcide to speak with Sookie alone. He’s offering her protection. Alcide gets pissed and says he can take care of her, but he can’t stand up to the vamps and he knows it. Sookie still refuses. Bill smells the rogue, infected vamps coming and we see a bunch of them walking straight toward the party. This doesn’t look pretty. Will she take Bill’s protection?

We are left with an uncertain and dark situation in Bon Temps. Sookie seems pretty happy with her wolfie boy, and the resident vamps might be getting a meal ticket, but the upcoming fight with the sick vamps doesn’t look too good. Not to mention I am really wondering if Eric will make it. With both the humans and the vamps in trouble, there’s no telling where season seven will take this. We’ll have to put our questions aside until next year, fans.

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