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True Blood Season 6, Episode 2

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There are a lot of strangers in town and one in particular looks mighty hungry.

Warlowe, no wait a minute, Jason and Sookie’s fairy grandfather, is the one who gave Jason a ride. What a trip this guy is. Rutger Hauer as a fairy for one is, well, what the hell? H e does bring a bit of dangerous crazy to this role that only he could. Add in the wild, disheveled hair and the Beetlejuice inspired suit, and it makes for an interesting twist this season. It turns out that good ol’ grandpa is here to help the Stackhouse siblings and judging from the looks of Warlowe, they’re going to need all the help they can get.

Tara’s excruciating injury from the Governor’s new silver, UV-emitting bullet leaves the vamps worried, visibly shaking up Eric. His plan now is to figure out what Bill really is from within the pages of the Vampire Bible.

Sookie’s saving someone else in this episode, and this time it’s another half-fairy like herself. Ben’s been attacked by a vampire, and sparks quickly start to fly between the two. Ben wants to see Sookie again once she nurses him back to health, but Sookie says she’s not ready.

Another stranger who claims to be here to help is Nicole, the co-founder of the US Vampire Unity Society. She, along with her group, confronts Sam in his bar and wants him to come out of the closet. She wants to use the numbers of the other supernaturals, including shifters, to overcome their hurdles. In a parallel to the civil rights movement, yeah, you read that right, she pleads her case. Sam stays his ground, though, and refuses.

Bill goes catatonic and has a vision of Lilith. A well-meaning Jessica orders him delivery to snap him out of it and satiate any hunger he might have, but instead he contorts the poor woman using his mind powahs then forces her blood to come out of her mouth, flying through the air and into his own. It was one of the strangest vamp caused deaths to date. As he is deep into the vision, Lilith tells him he must save all of the vampires. No pressure, eh?

Eric’s disguise to get in to see the Governor was worth a few chuckles when he tried to pull the nerd card, but the laughs stopped quickly when the Governor fails to be glamoured (he has figured out how to make special contacts that repel glamouring) and orders Eric to be sent to the “camps”. That doesn’t sound good at all.

For the second time today Sookie meets a new person by way of her grandfather. He teaches Sookie how to harness her light, making it go supernova, in order to use it one last time to kill Warlowe, but the catch is, after she uses it she will no longer be a fairy.

Sam and Alcide fight over Emma while Nicole and her group watch on with cameras from the cover of the dark woods. This whole scenario smells like rotten garbage on a summer day.

Lastly, Bill is now able to see the future. In a precognitive vision he sees Jessica, Tara, Eric and other vampires in a room that fills with light, burning them alive.

There were lots of new developments tonight, starting the season off with plenty of storylines to follow. With things just starting to heat up with Marlowe, and Sam’s true identity on the verge of being revealed, we also find the fae and vamps at the forefront. My mind goes wild with the possibilities. It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see where the season takes us.

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