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True Blood Season 6, Episode 3

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Eric might’ve made a surprise bargaining chip in the Governor’s daughter, Willa, when his intended kill goes south, forcing him to take Willa and run. With the True Blood shortage continuing, the vampire chaos keeps on raging. Eric brings Willa back to Fangtasia and she admits she wants to help him against her father, claiming that she doesn’t like what her father does anymore than Eric does. She reveals that her father has a camp where humans are experimenting on vampires and it seems that Reverend Steve Newlin is their newest specimen. Steve runs into his ex-wife Sarah and finds out quickly that she’s not there to save him. Instead she’s there to save the human race by eradicating the vampires. I think he better watch his step considering we all know that saying about a woman scorned. Interrogations start and Steve gives up all of his knowledge about Eric at the first sight of a needle. This guy as a vamp is just weak.

Bill tells Jessica of his vision where he saw everyone burning, including her, but he is determined to keep it from happening. He’s still on his megalomaniac rampage as he is convinced he can do anything (you know, he’s God and all) and promptly tests out this theory by meeting the sunrise with open arms. Is he right? No way. He goes up in flames faster than you can say ‘fried idiot’. After he’s nursed back to health, he sends Jessica to get the scientist believed to be responsible for synthesizing True Blood. Later Bill declares Sookie is dead to him after he forces himself into her home without an invitation, roughs up Jason and bullies her into leaving with him for her blood, nonetheless. Why oh why wouldn’t Sookie comply with that one, I ask? Oh yeah. Psychotic vampire. What a charmer. Bill turned into one helluva jerk, cool Lilith blood or not.

Niall is in his ever-present Beetlejuice getup and senses that Warlow is at Sookie’s house. Sookie’s brave façade is easily misconstrued as her shrugging off the seriousness of Warlow by Niall, but it’s just Sookie putting up her wall of defense against her emotions that she does so well. Niall finds the fairy nightlclub deserted with overturned furniture and splashes of blood left behind. He performs a bit of fae magic and sees what happened – it was Warlow and he killed all of the fae that had been there. Ben, the wounded half-fae Sookie came across, runs into Niall as he’s trying to look for the fairy nightclub. Soon Niall enlists Ben as one of his army against Warlow and to help save Sookie. Niall explains that Warlow feels that he’s entitled to Sookie. Good grief that girl can’t catch a break. Niall and Ben go back to Sookie’s house. Sookie and Ben have a unique connection that I hope is explained soon. Something is very wrong with Jason as he collapses. It must go deeper than a few hallucinations. Being confined in a coffin with Eric makes Willa a little hot for teacher. She tries to convince Eric that she likes vampires, but he’s understandably being cautious with her and won’t have any of it. The Governor gets in touch with Eric, asking about Willa, but Eric leads him on with his plans of torture and death. Willa eventually escapes with Tara.

Nicole and her boyfriend helped Sam and Lafayette into his home after they were beat up by werewolves. Nicole offers her help to get Emma back from the wolves. A visit from a neighboring parish’s police officers to Martha’s home has Emma shifting to hide. Sam rescues Emma after watching her in the guise of an owl. He waited for the Vampire Unity guys to show up and piss the werewolves off, creating the perfect diversion for him to get Emma.

A lot of things were going on tonight. The plot gets more complicated when you add in the new toys to be used against the vampires such as special contacts to keep you from getting glamoured. On a side note, there were a few favorite lines tonight. One from Sookie to Bill was, “You’re not God, you’re just an asshole.” That pretty much sums up tonight’s episode in a nutshell.

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