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True Blood, Season 6 Episode 4

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We left off last episode with Niall and Jason outside in Sookie’s yard, chasing who they believe to be Warlowe. Now we see Sookie and Ben drag Jason back into her home after he collapses in the front yard, and Sookie knows vampire blood would be just the thing to revive him. But with no vampire in sight, Sookie runs in the next room to dial 911 while Ben watches over Jason. Before you know it, Ben’s true identity is revealed as his fangs appear and with a swift bite he administers his blood to an unconscious Jason. Who knew, right? And Sookie is none the wiser. While Niall is still outside, Nora explains that Warlowe is the only one who can kill Lilith.

That night Jason has an erotic dream about Ben, but he doesn’t know that he’s had vampire blood, which gives it a pretty funny feel. When he tells Niall about it the next morning, Niall waxes thoughts on Ben being a fairy/vampire hybrid – a vampire who walks in daylight.

Ben is Warlowe.

Niall and Jason go to Warlowe’s hotel and try to ambush him, but it’s not that easy. Warlowe takes out Niall and glamours Jason. Warlowe proceeds to do this crazy feeding ritual on a passed out Niall where he sucks and spits out his blood.

At the same time, Sookie has figured out who Ben really is, and she invites him over for dinner with nefarious plans.

Bill has his eyes on Andy’s girls who are now teenagers. Him and Jessica follow the girls as they take off in Andy’s cruiser, dressed in Arlene’s revealing wardrobe, and they go buy some beer and cigarettes. Bill and Jessica coerce the girls back to his house where he collects their blood in the hopes to synthesize it by way of his imprisoned doctor. After no success and two of the girls being sampled, Jessica loses control and feeds on all of the girls. Will they make it? I’m feeling bad for poor Andy right about now.

Burrell’s daughter seems to really despise her father’s actions and she obviously has a thing for Eric (no surprise there). She gives him the ultimate stab at Burrell – she allows him to turn her into a vampire. Once Willa wakes up as a vampire, she learns the Eric turned her just to spite her father as he sends her back home so that he can see her. When she gets there, she pleads her case, trying to get him to shut down his anti-vamp campaign, but things turn awry when she smells his blood from a wound, attacks, and gets shot.

Warlowe revives Niall with some of his blood on the same bridge that Sookie’s parents were killed and throws Niall back into the portal he came from. Later at Sookie’s house, he successfully eats the silver tainted food she prepared him with no consequences, and just as they are getting hot and heavy, Sookie pulls out her supernova light and calls him by his real name as the credits start to roll.

The preview for next week’s episode looks even darker than this one. I see a darker progression for this season, and I believe that’s an improvement from last season. What can I say, I like it dark. As usual, there’s a lot going on in the show, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store. Feel free to post your own predictions for the season in the comments.

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