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True Blood Season 6, Episode 5

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This episode ended on one helluva note leaving me wondering how it will all wrap up next week. Before I get into that, let me recap what happened tonight.

It opened with a very pissed Sookie looking for some answers from Marlow as they’re just about to throw down, but before she fries him with her special vampire killing ball of light, and a desperate Jessica was seeking absolution while she’s dealing with a near fairy blood overdose, but the real kicker is when Bill enters Sookie’s house and commands Warlow to follow him, as his maker, nonetheless.

Andy showed up at Bill’s house searching for his daughters. He walked right in on the bloody scene and found one of his daughters barely alive. In the meanwhile, Eric and Tara surrendered to the LAVTF in order to find Pam.

An interesting flashback showed just how Marlow was attacked and seduced by Lilith centuries ago. Now Marlow is being manipulated by Bill who was taking a sample of his blood, probably to manufacture.

Mad at Governor Burrell’s rejection, Sarah showed up at Jason’s house. Their religiously overtoned tryst was laugh-worthy and left me wondering, will the man ever learn?

Alcide is on the hunt for Sam, Nicole and Emma, but when his dad questions his true intentions, an agitated Alcide sent him packing.

A freaked out Jessica came knocking on Jason’s door after her faerie buffet, asking him if he ever loved her. Remember, fairy blood causes vampires to get high, and she just dined on four of them, so she’s a total mess. She’s raw and vulnerable and afraid, and she really wanted to hear that she’s a good person, erm, vampire. And as we’re feeling sorry for Jessica, in walked Sarah and a catfight ensued. It turns out Sarah called the LAVTF on Jessica. What’s that they say about a woman scorned?

Back at the camp, Eric ended up in the room that Bill envisioned where the vamps will be incinerated, only this time it’s different. Strange blue balls were released from the ceiling, and a strange game followed that left Eric as the sole survivor. He is still on the lookout for Pam who has been placed in a room within the compound along with a shrink. Now she’s being forced to be studied. The quirky actor, Pruitt Taylor Vince, played the psychologist and he was very interested in just how she ticks. He enticed her with the promise of live food. When she answered his questions satisfactorily, he would allow her to feed on a willing participant. Pam of course agreed with a sinister grin.

Sookie ventured to Merlotte’s Bar to confide in Lafayette where they retire to Sam’s office and she ended up telling him all about Warlow. Back in the dining room, Terry was catching up with an old marine mate, Justin. It turned out he wants Justin to kill him because he can’t kill himself. Justin agreed to do it – for free! There’s surely something up with that.

Andy’s one surviving daughter was hanging on, and after he gave her some vampire blood, she told Andy that Jessica attacked them all and also about Bill’s experiments. Now Andy is hell-bent on killing Bill, but thank goodness for Holly’s common sense in talking him down from doing it. Andy has really come into his own on the daddy front. Holly called off the search party claiming that the girls went back home to their mother.

Jessica found Tara in the compound. Jessica was lost in her worries that Bill is the devil and that all vampires might not deserve to live anyway, going right in line with the thinking of the LAVTF.

Sookie used Lafayette and his mediumship abilities to reach through the veil and speak to her dead parents. At first it looked like they weren’t coming then after the scene became all spooky, they did in fact appear. When her father possessed Lafayette, we saw that he intends to finish what he wanted to start so many years ago – to kill Sookie so Warlow can’t have her. A possessed Lafayette loads Sookie into the trunk of his car. One would think that Lafayette would lay off the séances since his possessions never end well.

Jason went to the LAVTF recruitment headquarters in order to find Jessica and right his wrongs.

With Lafayette (or Sookie’s dad if you will) walking Sookie down into water and plunging her head under, it’s not looking so good for her. How will she get out of this one? Also, how will Eric, Pam and Tara make it out of the camp alive? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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