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True Blood Season 6, Episode 6

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Last episode left us fans wondering how Sookie was going to get out of her most recent brush with death. Well, let’s see, shall we?

A possessed Lafayette is drowning Sookie when Bill hones in on her dilemma, but who arrives in time to save her but Warlow. Saved, Sookie explains about Lafayette’s possession just as Warlow is getting ready to kill him, and Warlow blasts Lafayette with the fairy juice, sending Sookie’s dad tumbling out. Sookie tells her father to leave her alone forever and he goes away. In the midst of being called by Lilith, Warlow is whooshed away to fairyland by Sookie in return for him saving her life. While there, Warlow asks Sookie to tie him up so he can’t hurt her, admitting that he can’t be trusted. She does as he wishes and binds him to a tree, sealing it off with her light. Right after she does, his fangs come out. Warlow explains why he’s waited so long for Sookie. I must admit, it was a romantic bit, but Sookie would have to be a vampire in order to make it happen. She seems to be considering it.

The governor is impatiently waiting for Eric and Pam to fight, and just when it seems they might do it, they turn their bloodthirsty ways against the armed human tricks. The governor chains Eric up in a cage, and he brings in Nora as his bait. The governor wants his daughter back, so in revenge, Nora is injected with what they call hepatitis V and she’s left, strapped to a table, facing Eric to say their goodbyes. The governor visits his daughter and tells her that he hopes to fix her while he has her in the camp. However, she wants no more of the preferential treatment that is solitary and insists on being put with the general population vamps. When she makes it in, and has consulted with Tara, Willa is summoned by Eric. Tara counsels her on how to get to him. When she arrives, she lets Eric and Nora, whose times is numbered, out. Eric, dressed as a guard, finds out that the facility manufactures True Blood contaminated with hep V. This is the True Blood that will be sent out via the news announcement. He’s determined to kill off all vamps.

Jason is doing his damnedest to join the LAVTF so that he can get to Jessica, telling them angry and detailed ways to kill vampires. Jason comes face to face with Sarah as he’s impressed the LAVTF. Once they’re alone, he threatens her with revealing her true self. Soon after, Sarah vengefully pulls Jason into the copulation study room in order to watch Jessica screw another man. In the disturbing scene, the man doesn’t want to do it because Jessica doesn’t want to, refusing to rape her, but Sarah orders a spotlight to shine on him, instantly burning his flesh. Eventually Jessica is taken away.

Bill asks his enslaved doctor to put him in a coma, draining all of his blood save for one drop, and leave him that way until the next day. His plan is to meet with Lilith and it works. Bill was looking to seek answers from Lilith and answers he got. Lilith has thrown her responsibilities and short comings onto Bill, and her bitterness shows as she tells him not to come to her seeking anymore answers again. Bill wakes up and takes Warlow’s blood then leaves to go out for a stroll in the sunshine. Bill walks right up to the governor, fangs shining, and demands to know about the room he’s seen in his vision. The governor won’t budge and is still willing to be a martyr, right before Bill rips his head off. Bye bye governor.

Nicole gives Sam a lecture about Emma’s captivity and about how she has lost her family and needs her grandmother. Alcide continues his search. Sam eventually meets Emma’s grandmother, handing Emma over to her so long as she doesn’t return to the pack. She agrees and Emma is happy. Alcide catches up to Sam and Nicole. When he finds out that Emma is back with her grandmother, he becomes agitated, believing Sam to be in on the group that was going to expose the wolfs. Sam tells him he wasn’t and wants to end the feud. Alcide, allows them to leave, on the grounds that if Sam ever shows up in Shreveport he will not be protected.

In a much needed heart-touching moment, Andy’s remaining daughter asks him to give her a name, a real name. He decides on Adelaine-Braylin-Charlene-Danica, after each of her sisters.

Terry pays a visit to Lafayette and insists on giving him the key to his safety deposit box. He’s obviously tying up loose ends in preparation for his death. Afterwards, Lafayette calls Arlene and tells her what has happened. She has her suspicions that Terry’s planning on committing suicide and Holly comes up with the plan to have a vampire glamour Terry so that he forgets his woes. Holly’s friend shows up and glamours Terry, telling him that he won’t remember being a marine or being in the war, but that doesn’t help that he’s hired someone to kill him, now does it? Terry is in the best mood we’ve probably ever seen, working happily, when he takes some trash out and the shot is fired. It’s a neck wound, and things aren’t looking good. Arlene holds him as he dies, giving him sweet memories to think about. Terry fades away as Arlene is heartbroken.

Sookie gives in to her passions and lets Warlow feed off her and she in turn feeds off him just before taking off both their clothes and climbing on top. What will become of this?

All in all this was a dark episode. The near rape scene and Terry’s demise were tough. It was really hard to see Terry’s character go. He’s been there since the first season, and I’m programmed to think that they’ll save everybody on this show. But maybe not this time. I had read that they were planning on taking away some of the storylines and that hinted at character deaths. Still. Poor, troubled Terry? I guess it’s not easy to see any of our beloved favorites go. Farewell, you’ll be deeply missed Terry Bellefleur.

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