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True Blood Season 6, Episode 7

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As the show is still trying to downsize on the storylines, we have another death tonight. Before we can talk about that, let me catch you up to speed.

The tainted True Blood is on its way out to the masses while Eric tries to save an ailing Nora. Hep V looks pretty nasty as evidenced by Nora’s blackened veins. Eric sends newborn Willa to find Pam and help her as he takes Nora to Bill on the premise that he really is God and can heal Nora. However, Nora refuses his blood because it’s Liliths. Bill wants to honor her wish.

Sarah finds Truman’s head lying on the statue in the yard. The brand of crazy that she is, I doubt she’s feeling sadness because he died, but instead because she knows he’s been killed by vampires. In her rage she calls in the senator and proposes to not let the public know of Truman’s death. He will fill in for Truman in the legislature and she will be at the compound, and they will be banking on the contaminated True Blood hitting the shelves and killing all the vamps.

Warlow has dreams of marrying Sookie, but in the middle of the, erm, romantic spill, Arlene’s grief bleeds into Sookie’s thoughts. Sookie, being the good friend, goes to Arlene who is pitifully lying beside Terry’s grave. Arlene’s struggles include not knowing how to tell her children about his death, but Sookie talks her through it.

Sam calls Lafayette and hears about Terry’s death, so he decides to go back to Bon Temps, even given Alcide’s warning, but not before he shares a tender moment with Nicole in the shower. Afterward, Nicole leaves with her mother.

Arlene attacks Lafayette for the strange calls he received before Terry’s death and the mysterious deposit box. Andy diffuses the situation and offers to be with Arlene as she tells the kids the terrible news. Lafayette and Sookie go to retrieve Terry’s safety deposit box and find a life insurance policy insuring him for two million dollars. The kicker is he purchased it three days before his death.

Jason has Jessica brought to him and promises to get her out of the compound, but Jessica says he doesn’t have to get her out. He tells her he witnessed her near-rape scene, and Jessica points out the obvious, that he can’t always save her. Instead she asks to see the male vampire who she was supposed to have sex with, James, so she can thank him privately.

Alcide’s dad tries to coerce him into staying nearby, but Alcide wants to go back to the pack, despite his father’s insistence that pack life isn’t for either of them.

Jason brings James to Jessica. He shows her that they broke his fangs after he refused to rape her. She warns him about the hep v True Blood and as they both realize how short their lives will probably be, he tells her his regrets, and she airs her wishes to make love to him.

Eric begs Bill to give Nora his blood, saying he will do anything Bill asks. Bill tells him about his visions he’s been having and how all of them have passed except for the one where all of them meet their death. Bill implores on Eric to come back with him with another plan to have him survive the dreaded round room encounter. Bill gives Nora his blood, but it doesn’t heal her. Eric wants to give Nora Warlow’s blood even though Nora doesn’t think it will work either, so Bill goes to find him.

Back at Andy’s house, Arlene is self-medicating to deal with her loss. Sookie meets Adeline and realizes they can speak to each other telepathically. But it’s when Bill walks in during broad daylight that the shit hits the fan. He expresses his condolences to each shocked person there and shakes hands with Andy. He gets Sookie alone and threatens her to get her to give up Warlow. Bilith is such an ass.

Pam is back with the psychiatrist and now she’s messing with his head via sexual innuendos. She makes a deal with him trading sex for her release into Gen Pop.

Sarah tells Jason the governor’s dead and as the soldiers hold him down and pierce his arm with a knife, she tells him he’s going to be thrown into the general population. Man, she’s a spiteful bitch. Once he’s in, all of the starving vamps crowd around, but Tara comes to the front right before a mystery vamp takes over.

Alcide returns and tells his pack that Sam and Nicole are dead. His lie is quickly dissolved when the pack brings out Nicole and her mother, gagged and bound. Now the pack is ganging up on Alcide. Maybe his dad was right.

The episode ends with a desperate Eric calling out to Goddard for help, as Nora lies dying. In a flashback we see Eric walking thorugh plague filled streets looking for Nora who was caring for the ill. When he finds her, she is also gravely ill. He tells her he will take her to his father, Goddard, who will heal her. Back in current times, Eric can’t save her. It’s come full circle. Eric holds her as she disgustingly cracks apart, bleeds and dissolves into a pile of steaming, mushy goo in his arms. Bill was too late it seems.

I’m wondering how many characters are going to bite the dust in the big True Blood cleanup. With three episodes left, things could get really interesting.

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