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True Blood Season 6, Episode 8

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We left Eric clutching Nora as she meets her true death, and we start with this scene as well. Bill tries to get Eric to continue with his holy war while Eric is still holding the remains of his dead sister. Eric calls Bill out about not bringing Warlow to him in time. Eric’s bravery, or insanity, your call, during his moment of maniacal mourning was quite entertaining as he cries, “Mother I can fly! I can fly!” and “Praise Bill!” as Bill exerts his powers over him. It’s also noted that Bill admits he’s not God here, too.

Alcide is up against his pack when Ricky calls him out on his lies and challenges him for the role of pack master. Three women, including a particularly large one, take on Alcide for his questionable loyalty. He takes them easily, but when it came down to it, Ricky was right, Alcide didn’t have it in him to kill her as he leaves her down in the dirt.

Turns out Violet is into Catholicism, not modern day mind you, but as she puts it, badass medieval Catholicism. Now that we’ve got that straight, she tells Jason that he’s hers…forever. I could really see his level of discomfort and fear in his eyes at this prospect. And yes, I liked it.

In fairyland, Sookie is fortifying Warlow’s restraints while she asks Warlow for a favor for Bill. Warlow’s not sold on the idea because he knows how Bill has treated Sookie over the years. His stipulation for performing the favor is that Sookie must marry him and be his forever. He has a strange flavor of romanticism, that’s for sure. Sookie understandably asks for more time to think on it. Eric watches as she comes back to the real world and he begins feeling around for Warlow. Sookie later visits Bill who is cold as ice as he tells her Warlow’s giving her a fair deal.

Jessica seems to have met someone special, of the vampire persuasion for once, by way of James. In a comical moment, Jessica meets up with Pam as they are ushered back to gen pop, and Pam describes her sexual tryst with the psychiatrist as “oozy but productive”. In male gen pop, James tells Steve not to drink the tainted True Blood.

Alcide reneges on Sam’s threat as he comes to let him know of Nicole and her mother’s abduction. He also reveals he’s effectively left the pack. Sam and Alcide have a drink and talk after the rescued Nicole and her mother go to bed, hitting on such subjects as Terry, the surprise factor of death, and what seems to be Nicole’s possible pregnancy that Sam can smell on her.

Lafayette is taking care of Arlene by fixing her a fat-filled breakfast just to butter her up before telling her of Terry’s life insurance policy. As Arlene internalizes the situation, Andy’s telepathic fairy daughter listens in and becomes very upset at what she hears. Arlene and the Bellefleurs are planning Terry’s funeral when the matriarch starts pulling the strings leaving Arlene’s wishes out of it. Andy, stuck in the middle, must keep the peace for all. Hasn’t he grown up so much recently? I feel like a proud mama watching his story arc.

Steve tells Sarah that they know hep V is in the True Blood, and he even gives up James’ name, as she runs him on a giant hamster wheel, threatening to hit him with light. The ironic thing is she tells him after he gives her all of the information that there’s no light in that room anyway. What an asshole.

Steve and James are placed in the dreaded white room for Sarah’s enjoyment, also beginning Bill’s vision. If any of the other vampires refuse to drink True Blood, they will end up in there with them. Later they added Pam, Tara, Willa, Violet and Jessica to the white room, bringing it full circle.

Sarah Newlin has gone completely crazy when she chases the spokesperson for the Okanoma Corporation around the facility and eventually kills her with her own stiletto to the head as she dangles over a room full of hungry vampires. Her crazy really shows when she thanks God after she performs the deed.

A distressed Adeline sneaks out to go drinking with the boys. Eric walks up on Adeline and the boys as they are making out. As he glamours the guys, Adeline runs away, though he soon catches up to her and feeds. Andy finds Adeline running along the road with a bloody neck, just thankful she survived.

Nicole’s mother dubs Sam the Silver Fox, perhaps one of the best names of the show. He earned the title when he asked Nicole to stay with him, declaring his love. Sookie breaks in and lays her heavy crap on him, also telling him that she thought they would eventually be together. Is anyone else scratching their heads at this strange twist? All righty then. Sookie’s ready to throw her magic vampire-killing fairy energy ball and end her life with vamps right there, just to be with Sam, when he blurts out that Nicole is indeed pregnant. Rejected and probably embarrassed, Sookie leaves. Sookie makes a late night call to Jason and leaves him a message informing him of Terry’s death and inquiring about Niall. Sookie seems to be making her peace with becoming a fairy vampire bride. Bill picks up Sookie and they venture to the graveyard where she transports him to fairyland and finds Warlow slumped over with vampire bites on his neck. Eric got him after all.

Tonight brought frustrated funeral planning, frustrated and hungry vampires, frustrated and power hungry vampires and humans, and one scared and confused little girl mulling over the decision to leave her mortal life for eternity as a dark hybrid bride. Sookie’s inflection over this episode was good, but I still felt like she made a quick decision for something so important. To her credit, she did attempt to ask for help and guidance, but her attempts were thwarted at each turn. I did like that she held her head high and she dressed in her black lace wedding gown, resigned to her fate, but leave it up to the writers to bring us Eric’s rampage to complicate matters.

There are only two episodes left for the season, and I can’t wait to see what happens next Sunday. Come back and find out for yourself.

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