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True Blood Season 6, Episode 9

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Things are heating up in the action department as True Blood gets closer to the end of season six. We’re also due a funeral to send Terry off proper and we got that tonight. To be fair, we kind of knew what would happen due to Bill’s mysterious visions, but we didn’t know how we would get there, or more importantly, how our beloved characters would get through it, or if they would at all, especially considering how much the writers have a penchant for killing them off lately. Let’s see just how it all went down.

We start off the night with Sookie ordering Bill to deal with Eric and his insubordination while she gives an ailing Warlow her blood, but Bill’s set on taking Warlow with him. As a last ditch effort, Sookie uses her light to send Bill out of the fairy world. When Warlow recuperates, he asks Sookie if she really meant to marry him. She says she did, but after all is said and done, will she make that same choice? I suppose we’ll have to wait and see next week.

Eric finds his way back to the vampire compound and he’s not looking to make friends. The level of carnage that Eric left behind him after he is through with the guards is quite amazing with gory body parts strewn all over the compound’s parking lot. He cleverly uses a disembodied arm to get him into the complex, but that’s not the night’s winner. Oh no. The winning gore scene tonight was when Eric ripped the genitals off a lab worker inside the compound – and it happens to be the same one who administered the hep V that killed his sister. As the man lay bleeding to death on the ground, the camera artfully pans out to show his bloody little guy on the floor merely feet away. I gotta say, I’m a woman and that shit even hurt me! The unfortunate guy meets his end when Bill puts his shoe through his face. Man, that guy just had a shitty day.

At Terry’s funeral much of True Blood’s cast is present. It was a sweet and heartfelt production that they kept cutting to and from during the episode, providing a warm and fuzzy in between the mostly impressive gore of the night. Many characters recounted their memories of Terry. Andy’s recollection, in particular, was a favorite. It was nice to see Terry once again and also to see how he came back to Bon Temps from the war. Another sweet moment was when Lafayette took Terry under his wing when he first started working at Merlotte’s, and showed him the way around the kitchen the way only Lafayette can. Sookie uses her moment to announce to the community, formally, of her telepathic abilities, and she remembers Terry’s thoughts the first night he saw Arlene. After everyone spoke, and the guns were fired and the tears were flowing, Arlene was presented the flag. Terry’s funeral was a very beautiful moment, indeed.

Eric frees all of the vamps in the compound and they go on a rampage, killing all of their human captors, but not before making them suffer in the same ways that they were subjected to. As Eric makes his way through the facility, he comes upon Jason, almost bled out by the female vamps. With a quick draught of Eric’s blood, he’s right as rain and accompanies Eric to find Tara, Jessica, Pam and the others before it’s too late. Eric finds Pam’s psychiatrist and takes him with them to find Pam. The good doctor tells Eric that he had sex with Pam, and Eric’s rage is barely contained. He decides to let Pam kill him herself.

In a twist, Bill finds the white room first and allows them all to feed on him just in time for the sunlight. It turns out that Sarah survived the attack and has made her way to the top of a building where she turns a crank, opening the hole in the ceiling of the great white room. All of the vamps, except Steve, get some of Bill’s blood. Eric intervenes as Steve tries to get a drink of Bill. Taking the funniest moment of the night, as Eric holds Steve Newlin in the sun, Steve leans back, into the sun, and sees Sarah looking down on them and cries out, “I always loved you, Jason Stackhouse.” Jason is watching from the other side of the glass and his surprise at Steve’s announcement shows.

Jason catches up with Sarah outside and in a tense moment, he holds her down and puts a gun to her as she spouts her religious rhetoric. Though, in the end he can’t bring himself to kill her, and instead lets her go. I guess that’s one storyline that will continue.

Eric and the surviving vamps destroy all of the infected True Blood as they frolic in the sun. These were the most poignant scenes, filmed with a good bit of artistry. Bill, weak and mostly drained, has visions of Lilith’s blood-drenched cronies who tell him it’s his time to go. Jessica feels his distress and comes to him. James offers his blood to help Bill and ultimately save him. Bill, freshly revived, walks out into the sun and meets up with the group. Pam stays behind when she sees Eric, and while she’s vulnerable and fragile, as much as Pam can be, she asks him not to leave her. What does he do? Typical Eric flies away. I find myself wanting to give Pam a hug, but then I remember that she’d probably rip my head off. Literally.

Tonight’s episode was like standing in the ocean where the waves keep crashing at you, leaving you with the small, calm lulls in between. Amidst the shocking violence was the bittersweet funeral and Terry’s well-earned goodbye. I’m glad they gave his character almost the entire episode for his final exit. I thought it was done well. I’m also happy for our favorite vampires getting their day in the sun. I doubt they’ll go home quietly, though. I will be curious to see what they get into next week. As the last episode of the season nears, I hope to have some loose ends tied up, like what will happen with Sookie and Warlow. What is it you want to see next week?

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