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Unitasking – Pro Writing Tip from Brian Hodge

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How often do you write and how do you find the discipline and time to write? Tips?

I’m working on something every day, just about, but that’s often nonfiction, as well. You have to set up block time and make it a priority, treat it as sacrosanct. Guard it, if necessary. For most people it’s far less effective to pick at something in small chunks of time during the day or night, because you never really sink into that state of flow.

Here’s an excerpt from a blog post I did about a year ago: “Damage estimates vary, but the most recent I’ve seen is this: Jolt yourself out of the zone when you’re productively engaged in a demanding project, and it can take up to 45 minutes to bring yourself back up to speed. Keep the interruptions and focus-shifts coming, and you may never get there. It’s one more damning indictment against the myth of multitasking.”

So carve out an hour or three and undistract yourself. Pull the router plug or turn off the wi-fi. Leave Facebook closed. Refuse to behave like a lab rat pumping a lever for random e-mail rewards. Become a born-again unitasker.

Brian Hodge, writer

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